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Metal Home Kits

A metal home kit from Steelco offers a number of advantages over that of a traditionally built home. While many will compare them to a steel building, understand that these are well built, contemporary homes that will offer your family years of comfortable living.  When you choose a metal home kit from the team at Steelco Buildings, you are not only getting a top quality structure at an affordable price, you are also getting years of metal building experience.

Why choose a metal home kit?

  • The strongest framing available-Our metal home kits offer a tough alternative to the traditional wood or composite framing.
  • Faster build time-Unlike traditionally built homes, which take months or even years to build, our metal home kit can be ready for living in weeks.
  • Lower cost-JOur metal home kits can be purchased and erected at a fraction of the cost of a traditionally built home.
  • Flame, rodent, and rot resistant-Our metal material, unlike traditional wood or composite materials are resistant to fire, termites, rot, or mold. While thousands of traditional homes are destroyed each year by fire, flooding, or termites, your metal home kit will withstand these forces and protect your family.
  • Weather resistant-The metal construction of our home kits have been rated to withstand hurricane force winds for multiple hours. In addition, with proper insulation, many see a savings on their heating and cooling bills.
  • Long Term savings potential-Our metal home kits are rated for years of use with a great deal less upkeep cost than that of a traditionally built home structure.
  • Environmentally friendly-Statistics have shown that metal homes carry a smaller overall impact to the environment and can be easily recycled with less effort than other materials.

Things to consider when deciding on a metal home kit

While the purchase and setup of a metal home kit from Steelco involves a lower cost and simpler construction than that of a traditionally built home, there are still a few considerations.

  • Size-When you consider a new home, whether from a metal home kit or traditional construction, size is a consideration. Consider your family’s wants and needs. How much space do you need? Bedrooms? Do you want extras like recreation rooms or formal dining areas? Will your family be growing, or are you “empty nesters” looking for a smaller living situation? You should discuss all of these concerns with your family and sales representative when deciding on the right home for you.
  • Site preparation and permitting-Have you surveyed the site in which you would like your metal home kit to be placed? Does your locality have any special requirements and/or considerations for structures of this type? What is the permitting process for your desired structure?
  • Construction and set up-Are you the handy type who can set up your metal home kit on your own with ease? Have family or friends to assist? Or do you need a professional to complete it/assist you? Our team has the experience to guide you towards the best option for your particular situation, just ask!

Depending on your home site and particular situation, there may be other points to consider when you’re contemplating a metal home kit. The team at Steelco Building has years of experience and are ready to guide you every step of the way in your home buying process.

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