​SteelCo Awarded Covington Newton County Small Business of the Month August 2018

SteelCo. was honored to to accept the award for Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month in August 2018. We truly have a passion for serving our community and helping agricultural centers, commercial warehouses, storage facilities, Newton County parks, industrial facilities, retail centers, and houses of worship expand their services with new buildings.

Our Commitment to Covingtoncovington newton chamber

Newton County is expanding faster than ever before, and new families continue to move to the area. Sitting just 35 miles east of Atlanta, Covington is the perfect home for individuals who commute to Atlanta for work but want to live in an area with a smaller town feel. At SteelCo., we take pride in the area we live and serve in, and are committed to doing the best we can on every project we work on for our customers. Although we have the ability to service the entire state of Georgia, our heart is and always will be in Newton County.

How New Buildings Help Our Community

Although few people enjoy the sounds of construction throughout town, especially early in the morning, new buildings have a significant impact on our community. Retail buildings give locals new places to shop and increase the area’s overall economical growth, while new church buildings give community members many different options for where they want to worship and connect with other believers. New construction for area parks can make them more enticing and functional, drawing larger crowds of people both young and old for free entertainment and activity.

At SteelCo., we know the positive impact that installing a new building or even adding on to an existing building can have for people within a community. It’s our goal to help businesses, churches, farmers, schools, retail establishment owners, and local government make changes that benefit the community and its residents while staying within their budget.

Contact SteelCo for More Information Today

We were honored to be Covington Newton County Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Month in August 2018, we strive for that kind of excellence in everything we do, every day. If you’re considering expanding your building or breaking ground on a new building, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give us a call at 1-866-248-4928 to discuss your needs with one of our building experts and to learn more about what your options are.