4 Reasons a Steel Building Garage Can Be the Right Choice

Do you need a secure space for your car or RV? A steel building kit can be a good option for those looking for an alternative to a traditional garage. Learn more about steel building garage benefits for residential homes in and around Oxford, GA.

1. Steel Garages Offer Protection

Want to keep your car collection, RV or boat safe from the elements? Those looking for a custom steel building can rely on the expertise of the SteelCo team. SteelCo can design a durable steel garage that is not susceptible to mold, rot or pest infestations. Pre-fabricated Steel garages offer a buffer from extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and heavy snows, with a secure and sturdy rust-resistant steel building.

2. A Steel Garage Building Is Environmentally-Friendly

Steel is a natural resource with a history of use in construction. The material itself can be recycled many times without a loss to its integral structure. Steel buildings and structures have a longer life cycle than more traditional wood structures. Using steel allows for buildings that last a long time, and quickly becoming a popular option for those interested in low-energy steel. Property owners with green values are excited to own structures made with commercial-grade steel.

3. Steel Prefab Garages Are Customizable

Need more space than what can be found in a standard garage? Appreciate the interior space created for multiple vehicles with a large doorway system for your largest vehicle. A steel garage offers more usable interior space as it does not require interior support beams or load-bearing walls. Steel offers weight-bearing capabilities not found in many traditional building materials.

Steel garages buildings are not only used to house automobiles, RVs and other large vehicles. A steel garage is an excellent choice for a fire-retardant workshop or agricultural storage. Those who may no longer need their steel garage for their car can easily transform it into a usable space for a variety of purposes, such as a home office space or workshop. The interior of your garage can evolve with changing needs. Build once and get a long lifetime of use!

4. Steel Garage Buildings Add Value

Steel garages are about more than the space and durability. How may it complement your home or personal aesthetic? Did you know that custom steel garages come can come with facades of stone, brick or wood. In addition, the paint used on the roof and walls can come in Polar white, Lightstone, Fox gray, Sagebrush tan, Brick red Arctic blue, Evergreen, and Burnished slate. When it comes to doors, speak with our SteelCo professionals about door options including walk-in and roll-up doors. Love that natural light? Add in a skylight to not only illuminate a space but cut electric bills.

Contact us today to explore custom steel building garage benefits and choices from SteelCo Buildings, Inc.


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