4 Ways Steel Buildings Can Reduce Environmental Impact

Awareness and concern about the environmental impact of human activities are greater today than ever before. Companies are discovering that to conduct business and secure contracts in an environmentally-conscious world, they need to demonstrate that they are doing their part to contribute to a sustainable society. One great way to do that is by choosing metal buildings when new construction is required. They are much more environmentally friendly than other options. Here are four reasons why.

How Metal Buildings Reduce Environmental Impact

  1. Metal is sustainable. Consider that it takes decades for trees to grow to the size necessary to be harvested for lumber. Then when a wood building reaches its useful lifespan, it’s torn down and the wood discarded. Steel on the other hand is recyclable and can be used repeatedly. It is also stronger and more durable than wood or concrete construction for many applications. Manufacturing steel also requires minimal water and energy.
  2. Reduced construction waste. Metal buildings are pre-engineered and prefabricated, which means they arrive at the construction site as a kit with frames and panels ready to be assembled. Every piece is pre-drilled, pre-punched, and fitted so drilling and cutting is minimized, which reduces waste materials and emissions from equipment, and saves on energy.
  3. Environmentally-friendly design versatility. Metal buildings can be designed to incorporate many green design features that not only help to protect the environment but also cut down on energy bills. Some examples include roofs constructed with light colored panels to reflect the sun’s rays to keep the interior cool during the summer and reduce the need for air conditioning, and gutters and downspouts to catch rainwater that can be used for many purposes. Insulation is easily installed in metal buildings, as are weather-tight windows and doors. Standing seam roofs are ideal for solar panel installation, and natural lighting portals can be incorporated throughout the building.
  4. Green operating features. There are many innovative features that can be added to almost any metal building design, from ventilation systems to energy-efficient equipment and appliances, realizing significant savings on energy and less impact on the environment.

When it comes to reducing environmental impact, it’s hard to beat the advantages of metal buildings. They will last for decades with little maintenance, and if repairs are needed they are easier and cheaper than with wood or concrete structures. When they have reached their life expectancy, the materials can be recycled for new purposes.

If you’re in need of new structures, find out how metal buildings can benefit both the environment and your budget. Contact SteelCo Buildings, Inc. today for more information.


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