The Benefits of Metal Grow House Buildings

Farmers and ranchers have been taking advantage of the benefits of SteelCo’s prefab metal buildings for many years to build their barns, equipment storage, and other outbuildings. They know that steel buildings are more affordable and can be constructed in half the time of traditional wood structures. But recently there’s been an explosion in demand […]

Durable Flooring Ideas for Metal Building Interiors

Steel buildings are inexpensive to construct and made from durable materials, and the floors in these buildings should share those same qualities. There are several good flooring options that metal building contractors often recommend customers use in their steel buildings. Finished Concrete for an All-Purpose Floor While concrete is often left plain, it doesn’t have […]

Metal Building Permits

If you are planning to construct a metal building, you may be wondering if you need a permit. After all, putting up a metal building is not as daunting as creating a stick-built structure, especially if you are using prefab metal building components. However, even though the construction process is simplified when constructing a metal […]

How Steel Structures Help Prevent Fires

Did you know that National Fire Prevention Week commemorates The Great Chicago Fire? That infamous fire burned from October 8th to October 10th in 1871. The United States has dedicated the week in which October 9th falls to fire prevention every year since 1925. In fact, the National Fire Prevention Association promotes this and other activities as […]

Why Steel Building Construction Is Vital In The Southeastern States

When you live and work in a region that is at a high risk of severe weather conditions, designing and constructing buildings that can withstand thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, snowfall, heavy flooding, and extreme temperatures is a necessity. Although any part of the country can experience severe weather of one sort or another, residents of the […]

Benefit of Space in a Steel Building

How easy is it to determine how much space you will need now and in the future? Unlike traditional structures, a steel building kit affords owners ample space at an affordable price. Start looking into the advantages of steel building kits for the flexible square footage to meet a variety of purposes. How Much Space […]

The Longevity of Steel Buildings

Steel is a common material used in a variety of construction projects such as airplane hangars and industrial buildings. Property and business owners have a great deal to gain in the potential of a prefab steel building to meet their personal and professional needs. There are many advantages of steel, and those investing in steel […]

Why A Metal Building Is the Best Choice for your Business

You need a structure for your brick and mortar business. While there are traditional options made of wood or manufactured materials, many are choosing metal buildings for their business. There are many reasons why metal is the answer for businesses like home businesses, farms, religious organizations, non-profits and more.  Reasons Metal Buildings are the Best […]

Getting Ready for Your Steel Metal Building

When you are getting ready to order a steel building kit, good preparation is going to make building your steel metal building easier. You will need to make sure you have enough land to build the structure, and that you secure any permits necessary to make the building legal. When it comes to steel building […]

Questions to Ask your General Contractor

When the time comes to hire a general contractor, it’s important to find the right person. Asking good questions can help you find a contractor who is a good communicator, skilled in their trade and a good business person as well. The following questions can help you find a contractor who is right for you. […]

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