General Contracting Services To The Highest Standard

Since our formation in 2001, SteelCo Buildings, Inc. has been making history in the steel building and construction industries. From selling our 250th unit in 2003 to being awarded Best of Newton’s “Best Contractor” in 2019, our team has worked tirelessly to build a positive reputation since we first opened our doors. And with a […]

Reasons to Build a Barndominium

As housing becomes more creative, some people are turning to barndominiums for living space. Barndominiums are houses that are made from metal barns or other barn materials, such as stone or wood. These living spaces can offer a practical housing option, especially for those who live in rural areas. The following are some of the […]

Reasons Why a Steel Building is the Cost-Effective Option

Exploring construction options for a new commercial or industrial building? If so, don’t overlook steel as a potential construction material for your new structure. At SteelCo Buildings, Inc., we specialize in the design and construction of metal buildings for a wide range of business and personal needs. From existing plans to custom designs, we’ve got […]

All You Need To Know About Steel Agricultural Buildings

When constructing an agricultural building, one of the first decisions is whether to build with wood or steel. While wood is certainly the traditional choice, the benefits of steel is making this a more common choice. Steel vs. Wood for Agricultural Buildings Classic Barn Look There’s no denying that wood is the classic building material […]

Construction Services for Your Building Needs

Obtaining a building that is suitable for your needs may feel like a daunting process. You have the vision in your mind of how you want the building to look and all the features that you want inside it. Yet it can be difficult to articulate that idea to make the concept a reality. It […]

Multipurpose Steel Buildings for Residential Use

As a homeowner, you can have a lot of things on your property and not enough places to store all the items. Many outdoor possessions can range from lawn and garden equipment, farm equipment, extra vehicles, and recreational equipment. However, you may not have the space or desire to store them in a garage. Your […]

10 Surprising Facts About Steel Buildings

When it comes to steel buildings, there are lots of myths that aren’t really true. The actual facts about the versatility and durability of steel buildings may surprise you! 1. You Can Put Them Together Yourself Unlike traditional wood buildings, steel metal buildings can be put together by the owner. Most people believe that steel […]

Why the Most Efficient Way To Build Is With Prefabricated Steel Buildings

One of the most common types of off-site constructed structures is referred to as “prefabricated steel buildings,” or prefab steel buildings. To fully understand prefabricated structures, it’s essential to first understand what the phrase prefabrication means. What Does Prefabrication Mean? Prefabrication, or for short, prefab, is the term used to describe a structure that is […]

Building Solutions for Storage

When you’re building a storage facility, it’s important to prioritize functionality and utility. Steel buildings are strong, affordable and have low maintenance requirements, which is what makes them a preferred building material for storage units. To run a profitable business and ensure that it will meet the needs of your clients, here’s what you need […]

Why You Want To Have A Steel Building

Cold temperatures and winter storms can be a big problem for some buildings, depending on their material. While wood and similar materials are at risk of severe damage in winter, steel buildings tend to fare much better. These buildings have some important benefits that help them withstand winter weather with a lower risk of damage. […]

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