Do you need a professional general contractor?

If you’re doing any type of construction, working with a professional general contractor is usually the best solution. You’ll be able to accomplish a number of items in your construction or renovation project without having to hire different teams. Here’s why:

  • Professional general contractors have experience in construction for commercial and residential properties.
  • Professional general contractors can oversee a project from beginning to end.
  • Professional general contractors can design and build
  • Professional general contractors can use any material
  • Professional general contractors can provide turnkey projects
  • Professional general contractors are licensed and insured
  • Professional general contractors follow building codes

Building with different materials

It takes a strong, knowledgeable team to be able to design and build with any material. From the foundation to the frame and all the other elements, the team at SteelCo Buildings can get it done. With the ability to build on any site within the state of Georgia, projects are planned and produced on time and within budget. Have a project outside the state? We have relationships with other partners we trust to ensure your project is completed with the same quality we provide.

Good habits make a great team

What are the qualities of a good professional contracting team? First, they are able to successfully duplicate their past accomplishments. They have tried and true processes and workflows that help move the project along. Their systems, checks, and balances help ensure the lifecycle’s integrity is maintained.

Second, they hire with purpose. Everyone on the team is well-versed in their subject area and makes a concerted effort to keep in-step with the latest trends, changes, and opportunities. They have built relationships with vendors and place a high priority on their experience and expertise.

A great team is able to delegate properly. From the individuals establishing the budget to assigning the engineers. Every element of the job is given to the people with the expertise that can bring things together quickly and efficiently.

Credentials and Relationships Matter

The SteelCo team is a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC). That means we hold ourselves to higher standards throughout the industry, standing by the work we do. The partners we work with are trusted professionals within the industry who also have high-quality standards and take pride in what they do.

Construction services you can count on

When you’re looking for top-notch construction services in the state of Georgia, SteelCo is one of the top solutions. From pre-fab steel buildings to additional design/build services, there is a solution ready and available for your projects. The number of projects their team can handle is endless – from residential to commercial work, their team is ready.

Save money with a professional general contractor

A professional general contractor knows how to evaluate a situation and give it the best possible outcome. Working with a knowledgeable team can help you save time and money without going to another contractor. This keeps everything in one place, increases productivity, and enhances the level of customer service and quality of the project.

What types of building services can the SteelCo team handle?

This team is equipped to design and build for multiple purposes, including storage, automotive, marine, business, housing, and more. From start to finish, you’ll have a team that knows how to get things done. One of the best things about working with the SteelCo team is their variety, expertise and knowledge. Whether you’re building an entire new wing, or addition and pool to the grounds, the team can logistically plan, design, and build.

Rich History, Better Returns

From the very beginning, the SteelCo team had a vision of doing something different. Starting with education and expertise, they implemented quality and detail in every project. Since the inception of the company in 2001, the team has grown to become an award-winning contractor that gets results. A superior reputation precedes them – from constructing steel buildings to providing guidance on how to approach projects, the excellence, and determination to succeed never wanes.

If you’ve never understood what a professional general contractor does and how they should be managing your projects, there’s no other team that can show and deliver in Georgia like SteelCo. Make sure you have a winning team on your side and you’ll never go wrong. For more information on the professional general contracting and other solutions the SteelCo team provides, give us a call today!


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