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   15 successful years of designing and building prefabricated steel structures.

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SteelCo is located in Covington, GA. We design, sell and construct steel buildings for a wide variety of business and personal needs and purposes. Our products and services include:

  • Pre-engineered metal building kits, made to order, and ready to be shipped directly to any location. We can also erect the building from the kit for any customer located within the state of Georgia.
  • Custom-designed steel buildings and general contracting/custom construction, designed to meet special or unique purposes. If steel does not suit your building needs, we can and will build any structure, out of any standard building material, within the state of Georgia.

Our Corporate Personality

SteelCo is part of a highly competitive industry, and we are a highly competitive company. Since we are relatively young, we have had to make our mark against older, more established competitors, and we have done so through a combination of superior quality and workmanship, aggressiveness, determination, innovativeness, personalized service and relationship-building.
After only ten years in business, our competitive, “can do” spirit has marked us an instantly recognizable brand in steel buildings, and “a force to be reckoned with.”

As with any industry, problems are a part of the game in steel building construction, and problem-solving is key to winning the game. It may be something of a cliché, but it is still true that we don’t see problems as obstacles, but as opportunities to prove ourselves by overcoming and resolving the situation to the customer’s satisfaction. Our experience, expertise and innovative spirit enables us to look at any problem from a fresh perspective, which in turn enables us to create and implement fresh, workable solutions.

In the long run, a customer will not remember problems encountered during a project as much as how those problems were handled by the company. A company like SteelCo that takes a proactive, full-steam-ahead approach to solving problems rates higher in the memory than a company that takes halfway measures.
We have all encountered projects in which the odds get stacked against you: the weather is bad, there are regulatory issues, the deadline has been moved up, etc., etc. And we have all seen how different companies handle such odds. Some shrug and take the hit, while others hit the ground running to get the job done and get it done right, no matter what.

SteelCo approaches every such situation, whether anticipated or not, with just such an attitude. The path to completion may have gotten a little thornier, but with our “whatever it takes” mentality, we will do whatever is necessary to get the job done on time, on target and on budget.

There are many companies that regard their employees as anonymous, interchangeable parts, and many others that mirror the personality of the leader, with staffers as outlets of that personality, but it is the rare company that is team-oriented and has a “family” feel, in which every individual personality is valued and their contributions appreciated. SteelCo is just such a company.

SteelCo is neither faceless like a beehive or hidebound by the whims of the founding father. Each member of the SteelCo team is appreciated as an individual. We are a team, and we work hard and play hard for the benefit of the company, but we realize that each of us brings a unique point of view and experiences to the table, and that those individual perspectives, working for the good of the SteelCo “family,” are what make our company unique.

Our Vision

Here at SteelCo we believe in making dreams come true, and we do so with our vision of top-quality materials turned into “dream come true” results by people who give their all to the process.

Steel is an amazing material with which to realize our vision, especially when it is used with such imagination, skill and respect for the product, our team and our customers. It enables us to create buildings of the highest quality while saving significant amounts of time, trouble and money.

We at SteelCo know that we could never realize our vision without the respect of and for our customers, vendors and employees. And all we ask in return is the opportunity to earn your respect. Come share our vision. We think you’ll enjoy the view.

Our Products

We follow only one rule with regard to our projects at SteelCo: regardless of your requirements, your location or the purpose of your project, we will supply nothing less than the highest quality buildings, made with the highest quality steel and designed and/or constructed with the highest-quality techniques and features.
Some of the high quality features we include in every SteelCo steel building include:
  • Solid I-Beam Columns and Rafters
  • Lifetime Fasteners
  • Vinyl-Reinforced Insulation
  • Formed Base Trim, which offers superior moisture resistance
  • 20 Year Paint Warranties
  • 26 Gauge Roofing and Siding
  • Expert, personalized Customer Service

Our Prices

Very simply, SteelCo offers the lowest possible prices on your steel buildings without compromising one iota of quality. No matter what your budget or need, we promise to work with you to design and create a building that will satisfy your requirements without sacrificing your budget.

Our Service

Soon after founding SteelCo, we realized that many–if not most–of customers were buying their first steel building, and that they needed a combination of reliable answers and dependable service that would point them in the right direction and ensure their continuing and ultimate satisfaction.

At that moment, we pledged–and continue to honor that pledge–to do everything possible to provide the best, most complete customer service experience possible. We offer “one-stop-shop” service–backed every step of the way by our experienced and knowledgeable staff–to assist the customer from the beginning of the steel building process throughout design, delivery and construction.

Our customer service, like every aspect of the SteelCo business process, is dedicated to making your steel building purchase as easy and satisfying a decision as you will ever make.

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