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Is A Commercial Steel Building Right For Your Company?

When you’re considering expansion of your business’s operation and the need for storage or work space structures enters the conversation, what will you choose? Of course you can go with traditional construction and the associated headaches and cost overruns. What if I told you there was a better, more cost effective option? Well, there is. With a commercial steel building, you will often save a great deal of money and time over that of the traditional construction route. When thinking about the right structure for your operation, consider the following advantages to steel.

Why A Commercial Steel Building is Right For Your Operation?

  • They’re strong!-Our kits are made of steel, which has been proven to be one of the toughest construction materials on the market today. Steel often outlasts other commonly used building materials like wood.
  • Easy to set up-Our commercial steel building kits, unlike traditionally built structures, can often be set up in the span of a single weekend. You don’t have to wait months to have a usable structure!
  • Overall low cost-Unlike traditional construction, our steel kits are affordable and free from the headaches of the traditional “cost creep” of most building projects.
  • Resistant to nature’s headaches-Every year, thousands of traditional structures are ravaged by fire, rodents, or flooding. Our steel materials have been proven to be highly resistant to these common hazards, ensuring safe and effective storage for years to come.
  • Can withstand extreme weather-The engineering of our commercial steel building kits has been proven to stand strong in the face of extreme weather. Unlike the thousands of traditional structures that are lost each year to blizzards, hurricanes, and thunderstorms, your steel structure stands a higher chance of weathering the storms!
  • Save the planet-The materials used in our steel structure kits contain a higher percentage of recycled materials than most traditional building materials. In addition, they last longer which means less unusable material going into your local landfill!
  • Long term savings-Our commercial steel structures have been proven to last for years with minimal upkeep cost. Rest easy knowing that you will have a low maintenance structure for years to come!
  • Mobile-Moving? Want your structure in a different spot? No worries! Our kits are designed for ease of disassembly and moving. Just reverse the setup process, move the kit, and put it back up!

Is a commercial steel building the right choice for you?

If the above mentioned points are important to you and your operation, then chances are a commercial steel building is the right choice. When opting for a commercial steel building over a traditionally built structure, your business will most often save time and money…allowing you to get back to running your company! Have questions? Need more information? Our experienced team is available to provide you with information and a price quote. Call us today!

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