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Custom Metal Buildings

When you need a custom building solution, it is easy to think that you’re stuck with the traditional construction route. However, did you know that the team here at Steelco can design a custom metal building to meet your exact specifications? When you opt for a custom metal building structure, you will save time and the headaches that are involved with the traditional building process. Not to mention, that your custom metal building comes backed by the support of the team here at Steelco Buildings.

Why opt for a custom metal building?

  • Strength-No matter the intended use for your custom metal building, you can be rest assured that it is built from steel, which has been shown to be stronger than most traditional building materials.
  • Simplicity-Your custom metal building will be designed and built to your exacting specifications. When delivered to your site, set up is simple and can often be done over the course of a few days, not weeks or months like traditional construction.
  • Lower cost-Unlike traditional construction, your custom metal building will be free from the unpredictable costs involved in hiring a builder and buying materials.
  • Hazard resistant-Every year, scores of traditional structures are destroyed by flames, rodents, or flooding. Our steel materials are proven to be resistant to these common hazards, ensuring safe and effective storage for years to come.
  • Weather resistant-Our steel structures have been extensively tested against the weather and catastrophes like blizzards, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. When coupled with a strong foundation, your custom metal building will often fare better than most traditional structures like ones made from wood or composite materials.
  • Long Term savings potential-Our custom metal buildings are rated for years of use with less upkeep cost than that of a traditionally built home structure.

Things to consider when deciding on a custom metal building

While your custom metal building will likely come with a lower cost and less headaches than a traditionally built structure, there are still a few things to consider;

  • Intended use-What do you plan on using your custom metal building for? Storage? Workspace? Home? Barn? For each type of use there are a different set of considerations, so be sure to ask questions and use the team here at Steelco as an experienced resource.
  • Size-Again, take into account the intended use of your custom metal building. Then, consider how much space you need and your desired dimensions. Your Steelco representative will walk you through the process and ensure that you are getting the perfect metal structure for your needs!
  • Site preparation and planning-Have you surveyed the site in which you would like your custom metal building to be placed? Does your locality have any special requirements and/or considerations for structures of this type? What is the permitting process for your desired structure?
  • Set up-Will you be setting up your structure yourself? Will you have friends or family assist you? Or will you just sit back and hire a professional to put it up?

Depending on your individual needs and situation, there may be additional considerations when designing and setting up your custom metal building. Be sure to use the team here at Steelco as a resource to ensure that your are getting the best structure for your needs with as few headaches as possible!

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