Metal Storage Building Kits

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Metal Storage Building Kits

You need a storage structure. What do you do? Give up multiple weekends with trips to the building supply warehouse, and working away in the hot sun? Hire a builder and part with a good chunk of your bank account to get one built? Did you know that there’s a better option out there? Have you considered a metal storage building kit? When you opt for this solution, you will save money, have less headaches, and often have it set up and ready over the course of a single weekend! Not to mention, when you factor in the durability and limited maintenance of a metal storage shed structure, your savings will continue for years to come! When you choose a storage building solution from Steelco Buildings, you are not only getting a top quality garage that’s affordable, you are also getting years of metal building experience.

Points to consider when contemplating a metal storage building kit

  • Strength-Our kits are made of steel, which has been proven to be one of the toughest construction materials on the market today. Steel often outlasts other commonly used building materials like wood.
  • Simple set up-Our metal storage building kits, unlike traditionally built structures, can often be set up in the span of a single week. Your kit can be delivered on Monday and you’ll have a functional storage unit by Friday afternoon!
  • Low cost-Unlike traditional construction, our metal kits are affordable and free from the headaches of the traditional “cost creep” of most building projects.
  • Resistant to nature-Every year, thousands of traditional structures are ravaged by fire, rodents, or flooding. Our steel materials have been proven to be highly resistant to these common hazards, ensuring safe and effective storage for years to come.
  • Strong in the face of extreme weather-The engineering of our metal storage building kits has been proven to stand strong in the face of extreme weather. Unlike the thousands of traditional structures that are lost each year to blizzards, hurricanes, and thunderstorms, your metal structure stands a higher chance of weathering the storms!
  • Savings over the long run-Our metal structures have been proven to last for years with minimal upkeep cost. Rest easy knowing that you will have a low maintenance structure for years to come!

Things to consider for your new metal storage building kit

While the purchase and setup of a metal storage building kit from Steelco Buildings has a simpler setup than that of a traditionally built storage structure, there are still a few considerations that you should discuss with your family and Steelco representative.

  • Size-How much storage space do you need? How large of a storage building can you put on your property? Will you need additional storage for future life changes? Make sure to factor all of these considerations in when considering the size of your metal storage building kit.
  • Site preparation and permitting-Do you have your site selected? Does your locality allow the type and size of structure that you need? Have you considered your foundation? By asking these questions, you can better ensure a simpler process in getting your metal storage building kit set up and ready for your storage needs.
  • Set up-Will you be setting up your building kit yourself? Do you have friends or family to help? Do you simply want to avoid the headaches and hire someone to put it up for you? Be sure to have these questions answered before you make your purchase. Not sure? Ask a Steelco representative!

These are just a handful of considerations to purchasing and setting up your metal storage building kit. You may want to discuss your concerns with your friends, family, locality, and your Steelco representative. We have years of experience in this field and can often address any issues and help you solve them early in the process.

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