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Why A Steel Building Structure?

When most people think of needing a new structure, they tend to think about the traditional route. They design a structure, hire a builder, buy materials, deal with cost overruns and job creep, most often ending up with an expensive headache and work to still be done. Of course, this isn’t the case when you opt for a steel building structure! Why should you consider a steel structure for your next project? Well, there are some clear advantages over traditional construction. Check out just a few that we have listed for you!

Advantages To A Steel Building Structure

  • Strength-Our kits are made of steel, which has been proven to be one of the toughest construction materials on the market today. Steel often outlasts other commonly used building materials like wood.
  • Simple set up-Our steel kits, unlike traditionally built structures, can often be set up in the span of a single weekend. Your kit can be delivered on Friday and you’ll have a functional storage unit by Sunday afternoon!
  • Low cost-Unlike traditional construction, our steel kits are affordable and free from the headaches of the traditional “cost creep” of most building projects.
  • Resistant to nature-Every year, thousands of traditional structures are destroyed by fire, rodents, or flooding. Our steel materials have been proven to be highly resistant to these common hazards, ensuring safe and effective storage for years to come.
  • Strong in the face of extreme weather-The engineering of our steel storage building kits has been proven to stand strong in the face of extreme weather. Unlike the thousands of traditional structures that are lost each year to blizzards, hurricanes, and thunderstorms, your steel structure stands a higher chance of weathering the storms!
  • We’re Green!-The materials used in our steel structure kits contain a higher percentage of recycled materials than most traditional building materials. In addition, they last longer which means less unusable material going into your local landfill!
  • Savings over the long run–Our steel structures have been proven to last for years with minimal upkeep cost. Rest easy knowing that you will have a low maintenance structure for years to come!
  • Easy to move-Moving? Want your structure in a different spot? No worries! Our kits are designed for ease of disassembly and moving. Just reverse the setup process, move the kit, and put it back up!

Steel Building Structures Are The Clear Choice!

As you can clearly see, there are a number of distinct advantages of a steel structure over traditional construction for your next storage project. In addition, you will also have the advantage of working with the experienced team here at Steelco to ensure that the entire process remains headache free and affordable. Still have questions? Contact a member of our sales team for a consultation today!

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