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Protect Your Aircraft
With A Steel Hangar Structure

An aircraft is a significant investment in both money and time, often traditional hangar structures are not suited to fully protect aircraft from all of the elements that could cause damage to their engineered airframes, control surfaces, and high tech avionics. However, a steel hangar structure is up for the task. With customizable sizes and layouts that can suit any size aircraft and wingspan, you can protect your aircraft and equipment with the right size for your needs at a savings of time and cost, allowing you to focus on flying and maintaining your aircraft investment. What other advantages do steel aircraft hangars hold? Check out the list below!

Why a steel hangar structure is the best option for my aircraft

Unlike the most commonly used materials for aircraft hangars, like aluminum, steel has been proven to be longer lasting and more resistant to the elements. This toughness and resistance alone will protect your aircraft from weather, collisions, or any other unforeseen occurrence. Oh, and did we mention that they’re visually appealing? Who wants their prize possession sitting in an old, dented aluminum hangar?

Our steel structures can be transported and erected quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional structures, you can have your hangar up and running quickly and with minimal project creep.

A steel aircraft hangar is affordable. Notice we didn’t say cheap? Because they aren’t, they are an investment, one that will provide you with years of near trouble free service and protection. Of course, unlike other structures you will know the cost upfront with little to no cost creep as the installation progresses. Allowing you to better budget for what’s important…flying time and aircraft upgrades!

Protecting your aircraft shouldn’t take away from your love of flying!

As you can see, there are clear advantages to a steel aircraft hangar from the team at Steelco. Our experienced team will help guide you through every step of the design, purchase, and setup process, allowing you to get back in the air quickly and with less cost than most hangar structures. Have questions? Want a free, no obligation quote? Call us today!

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