Metal Building Permits

If you are planning to construct a metal building, you may be wondering if you need a permit. After all, putting up a metal building is not as daunting as creating a stick-built structure, especially if you are using prefab metal building components. However, even though the construction process is simplified when constructing a metal building, a building permit is usually still required.

What Is a Building Permit?

A building permit is an official document issued by the local government. This document gives you permission to continue with your planned construction project. The purpose of a building permit is to ensure that your construction project complies with all local regulations and is completed properly. After you have finished your building, an inspection will typically be required to make sure you have followed the plans accurately.

How Do I Get One?

To get a building permit, you must typically submit an application to the appropriate local government agency. Requirements for submitting a building permit application vary. However, you will typically be required to submit a site plan and a fee before your application will be approved.

Risks of Not Getting a Building Permit

Because the process of obtaining a building permit can be expensive and tedious, you may wonder whether you can get away with putting up your metal building without getting a permit. However, not getting a permit exposes you to several risks. For example, if you complete the work without a building permit and the local government agency discovers the issue, you may be forced to pay fines. You may also need to make expensive changes in order to bring the structure up to code or to comply with other local regulations you may have overlooked. Furthermore, if you try to sell your property in the future and the unauthorized work is discovered, buyers may be hesitant to purchase. Even if a buyer decides to purchase your property, unauthorized work may make it difficult for the buyer to qualify for financing.

The risks of not getting a required building permit for your metal structure are serious. Even though you may not want to deal with the bureaucracy, getting a building permit before you begin construction is always in your best interest. Before you purchase your prefab metal building, contact the local authorities to learn more about the permitting process.


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