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Metal Building Prices

Unlike traditional construction, where you’re responsible for contractor labor, damaged materials, time and effort of working with the planning process, blueprints, and other “cost creep”,  metal building prices are rather straightforward. Simply put, with a metal building, you have the cost of the building, foundation, permits, added options and if you choose, the labor for a professional to set up the structure for you. Oftentimes, when you choose a metal building over that of a traditionally built structure, you know generally what your price is up front. This is usually not the case when you hire a builder. When you consider a metal building and are shopping around for the best price, it is best to determine what your wants and needs are so that you can get a true “apples to apples” comparison.

What to consider for your metal building and price

  • Type of structure-What are you going to be using the structure for? Storage, vehicles, barn, home? Decide your exact use not only in the present, but also future possible uses. This will ensure that you are getting the right structure for your needs.
  • Standard or custom?-Once you determine your needs, then decide if a standard structure will suffice or will you need a custom structure. While we offer a number of different structure types and configurations, there are times when they don’t meet the exact specifications of the customer’s needs. It is in those cases that the discussion about a custom structure needs to happen. In addition, if one of our stock metal structures doesn’t fit your needs exactly, don’t settle! Custom structures are still affordable and you will save in the long run by choosing a custom solution for your exact needs.
  • Size-Simply put, how much space do you need? Once again, be sure to factor in potential future needs as well as your current ones. This will save you from having to purchase an additional or replacement structure in the future.
  • Options-Will you need added insulation? Ventilation? Plumbing? Do you want a specific style or exterior finish? What about the cost of the permits and foundation? Will you need to hire someone to set up your structure for you? You should factor in all of these into the overall price of your metal building.

While there may be other considerations to factor into your metal building price, this is a rather solid starting point. When getting a price quote, you should also consider the long term savings potential of a metal building kit as they most often require less maintenance and replacement of components and parts versus a traditionally built structure. Remember, the team here at Steelco Buildings has years of experience and are ready and willing to help you determine what your needs are and the best way to approach them as well as give you the best metal building price possible!

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