Popular Uses for Pre Fab Steel Building Kits

Steel is a naturally flexible yet durable resource that has a long history of use as a building material. Construction of a new building is not cheap, but the use of pre fab steel building kits helps keep costs to a minimum. Individuals, businesses and organizations can benefit from knowing all costs upfront with a pre fab building kit, making it easier to budget for the project. In addition, less labor is needed to build with a pre-fabricated steel building and the building takes less time to go up.

It is no surprise that steel building kits have become a common construction option. See how pre fab steel building kits have been used in the construction of a variety of structures.


Hold services in a sturdy and durable building. Steel is one of the most affordable construction options for churches and religious buildings. Steel constructed buildings set up by licensed and bonded subcontractors provide more space in the interior of the building for a growing congregation.

Houses and Barns

A barndominium can be used solely as a home or for mixed use and is one of the latest innovations to come out from the steel-framed building industry. The structural properties of the material make a building that can withstand severe weather conditions. Avoid the possible mold, rot or pest infestations that can occur with traditional wooden barns. Property owners appreciate the reduced maintenance requirements of steel barndominiums.


Businesses of any size can benefit from a steel building kit. From commercial buildings, to industrial buildings, storage buildings and warehouses, pre fab steel buildings are an affordable solution to protect your investment. Steel-framed prefabricated buildings have been used for auto shops, fitness centers, offices, retail stores, strip malls, self-storage facilities and other commercial buildings. Get more from a space when using pre fab steel construction.

Airplane Hangars

Quickly construct a hangar allowing for ease of movement and the protection of your aircraft. Prefabricated steel aircraft hangars provide the necessary clearspan for any aircraft and do not need the load-bearing supports required with a wood hangar. Pre fab steel aircraft hangars help secure vintage planes, jet aircraft and more from extreme weather conditions and potential theft or vandalism. Contact SteelCo for a customized quote.

Steel: A Better Building Material

Do more with your steel building kit from SteelCo. Durable steel construction offers the strength needed for the creation of ample interior space that can be used in multiple ways.

Do you have unique building specifications? Call SteelCo at 1-866-278-6032 for a customized quote today.


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