Prefabricated Steel Building Design

Designing a steel building that is perfectly suited to your specific needs does not have to be difficult. When you work with the staff at SteelCo Buildings, Inc., you can be certain that you’ll get great advice from professionals who will put your best interests first.

With two decades of experience, we have not only perfected the technique of getting it right every time, but we’ve simplified the design, specification and ordering process so that your experience is easy, right from the get-go. We understand that not all steel buildings are the same, and that you’re the one whose needs have to be met.

Personalize Your Metal Building

At SteelCo, we’re all about options. Our knowledgeable design team works with you to choose the specific options best suited for the type of building you want, whether you’re planning a backyard garage or a massive mini-storage warehouse complex.

Frame Style

Essentially, there are five different styles for the basic frame of every metal building. Each has common characteristics, but there are important differences as well.

Lean-To and Single Slope rigid frames are similar in appearance, but the lean-to frame is typically supported by a single adjoining building column on the high side. Both are economical options and will support further expansion for commercial applications.

Three types of gabled frames that SteelCo typically supplies include:

  • Modular Rigid Frame: Supports spans of 30 to 80 feet, and building widths from 60 to more than 300 feet.
  • Tapered Beam: Designed for maximum interior space efficiency, this frame style is well-suited for buildings between 60 and 70 feet in width.
  • Rigid Frame/Clearspan/Gable: Clear interior space from 40 to 250 feet without additional support columns can be achieved by this type of frame, and it can be used as gable or single slope.

Panel Options

From advantageous insulated wall panels that add additional value to a building to the common standing seam metal roof panels typically used in architectural, industrial or commercial applications, SteelCo also offers options that include the sophisticated decorative “A” panel, a Reverse Wall Panel that is designed to compress insulation in the walls without bulging, and a panel commonly referred to as the PBR, suitable for both walls and roof.

Color Choices

With a wide variety of colors, our panels can be finished with either a cool silicone-polyester two-coat paint system or a PVDF two-coat system that features fade-resistant color, environmentally-friendly technology, and great durability. Ask our design team about the relative merits of each, but you can be sure that either will provide good looks for your building and give you years of carefree service.

Meeting Your Needs in a Better Way

From stables and barns to barndominiums, garages and workshops, grow-houses, aircraft hangars or churches, shopping centers or warehouses — and anything else you can think of — our metal building components can be adapted to your ideas and fabricated to meet your needs.

There are many reasons for choosing a steel building today, but durability and ease of maintenance are at the top of the list. Steel buildings are built to last; they never need repainting, and steel doesn’t rot. Galvanized steel doesn’t rust, and termites can’t destroy it. In addition, with modern building techniques, your steel building won’t take long to build, either, so you’ll be reaping the benefits much sooner.

Design time typically spans about two weeks, with building components ready to ship within approximately six to eight weeks, although lead time will vary with the complexity of the project.

Our design staff will work with you to assure that the framing, panels and roof pieces, the doors, windows and other openings that you want are included in the final package. Steel components are customized to your exact specifications, fabricated and shipped to you as a package that is ready to assemble. All components are “dimensionally stable,” meaning that they will fit together perfectly, with no warping, twisting or “unsquare” corners.

SteelCo is a veteran-owned and operated company with a reputation for unmatched customer service. We are not only creative and experienced, but our team has a strong work ethic and we believe that only the best is good enough! If there’s a metal building in your future, why not contact SteelCo now to discuss your options. We’re ready to get started on your project now. SteelCo also offers turn-key design, fabrication and construction services.


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