Steel Buildings for Projects of any Size

At SteelCo, we specialize in creating custom prefabricated steel and metal buildings for customers throughout Convington, Georgia and the surrounding area. No matter what your project entails – from a small and simple building such as a garage or workshop to large and complex structures such as industrial buildings and warehouses – you can count on SteelCo to provide the highest quality steel buildings for projects of any size. 

The Advantages of a Prefabricated Steel Building

No matter what your unique requirements for your building might be, steel buildings offer a number of benefits that make them well worth considering. This includes benefits such as: 

Low Maintenance Costs 

You’d hard-pressed to find a building material that is more durable and long-lasting than solid steel. This means that steel buildings are able to endure the elements and stand the test of time without requiring frequent and expensive maintenance. Unlike wooden structures, damage due to termites is never a concern with a steel building. Likewise, steel does not support the growth of mold and mildew – another common concern with wooden buildings. Steel frames won’t bend, warp, or rot over time either. And since paint stays on steel much longer without peeling than it does wood, even the need to repaint your building is likely to never be an issue. 

Reduced Insurance Rates 

Since steel buildings are far less prone to damage than wooden structures, it is easy to understand why insurance on steel buildings is typically far more affordable than any other building type. If you would like to keep your insurance rates as low as possible then a prefabricated steel building is the perfect choice for you. 

Energy Savings 

Many steel buildings such as storage buildings and warehouses may not need to be heated or cooled. If you are building a residential building, though, or a building where employees will be working on a regular basis then heating and cooling costs are sure to be an ongoing expense. With steel buildings, though, you can look forward to more energy savings than any other building type offers. This is thanks largely to the deep wall cavities in steel buildings that allow for thicker, more effective insulation. 

Fewer Foundation Problems

Foundation issues can be a major expense and hassle to repair. With steel buildings, though, a damaged foundation is a much less common problem. While it may seem counterintuitive, steel buildings are actually much lighter than their wooden counterparts due to the fact that wooden buildings require far more framing pieces to construct. Thanks to their lighter weight, steel buildings are easier to support and are therefore less likely to cause the foundation beneath them to settle. 

Steel Buildings Allow You to Recuperate Some of Your Investment 

If the day ever comes where you no longer need your steel building, it’s possible to recuperate some of your investment by breaking the building down and selling it for scrap metal. Since steel can be recycled endlessly without changing any of its original properties, the steel that your building is made of will always hold its value. The same cannot be said for wood, sheetrock, or any other building material. 

Custom Prefabricated Steel Buildings of any Size and Type 

We at SteelCo are proud to serve a wide range of customers throughout the state of Georgia, from farmers looking to build an economical and durable storage building to religious organizations wanting a new place of worship and everything in between. From one-car garages to massive warehouses, we are happy to take on any project no matter how small or large that it might be. Our specialties include metal building types such as: 

  • Agricultural buildings
  • Aircraft hangars 
  • Houses and barndominiums  
  • Churches and worship buildings 
  • Commercial buildings
  • Garages and workshops
  • Horse arenas 
  • Industrial buildings
  • Recreational buildings 
  • Storage buildings 
  • Warehouses 

Since every building we create is custom-built, we are happy to provide you with any type of metal structure that you might need – even if it doesn’t fit exactly into one of these categories. 

Let SteelCo Build the Perfect Steel Structure for Your Needs 

If you would like to build a structure that is affordable, attractive, and durable enough to last a lifetime then purchasing a prefabricated steel building from SteelCo is the ideal choice for you. To learn more about the various types of buildings that we offer and to receive a free quote on your project, be sure to contact us today.


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