Steel buildings are extraordinarily versatile. They can be constructed to suit any purpose, from a church to a warehouse. They are ideal for storage, for workshops, and they are even ideal for living spaces such as barndominiums.

Steel Barndominiums

Barndominiums are sturdy, built to withstand all forms of extreme weather. They are virtually maintenance free. Unlike wooden-framed buildings, there’s no need to worry about pest infestation, for example. And they are one of the most inexpensive building materials available today.

Barndominiums, including barndominium homes, are the latest innovation in the steel-framed building industry. A barndominium is a building that, when first conceived by the industry, served a dual purpose as a storage or entertainment area combined with living space. Today, they still serve that function, or they can be built strictly as a home, as well.

Barndominium builders got their start constructing steel-framed buildings for men who wanted a “man cave” separate from their house. And man caves proved so popular that “she sheds” were not far behind.  People with enough space on their property to erect a small building did so, customizing the interior to their own design and putting in an entertainment or crafts section on one side and a sleeping area on the other, or even on a second floor.

Today, barndominium builders such as SteelCo Buildings offer these steel-framed buildings in any size, from “man cave” size to home-size and everything in between.

Barndominiums for sale

Energy efficient

Our prefabricated barndominium homes are ideal for any location in the country, whether you want to build them in the heat of Arizona or the cold of Montana. That’s because steel buildings can be fully insulated, so they’re comfortable in any type of weather with the addition of an appropriate HVAC system. In fact, steel buildings are much more energy efficient than wooden buildings.

Top quality materials

At SteelCo, we use only the highest-quality materials when prefabbing your barndominium or other metal building. The technology of steel-framed and steel-paneled buildings has come a long way in the past few decades. That’s why over 85% of all new buildings are built of steel – the materials are top quality, they are attractive, they are sturdy and they are durable.

  • 26-gauge metal PBR (Purlin Bearing Rib) panels – Our PBRs are manufactured with a unique overhanging lip that provides an excellent seal against water leakage.
  • VR-R insulation – If you want your barndominium to be insulated, we offer the best insulation available. VR-R insulation features a thread that runs through the vinyl backing and prevents minor tears from getting any worse.
  • Fasteners – rustproof, guaranteed for the life of your building.

Because we use only top-quality materials and because steel is flame, rodent and rot-resistant, you’ll save money on maintenance. A steel-framed barndominium is an excellent investment.

Open floor plans

Steel-framed buildings have a “clearspan” much wider that than offered by wooden buildings. That means that there’s no need for load-bearing walls or supports within the building itself, So, when it comes to designing a living space and a play space to coexist in the same building, it’s a lot easier with a barndominium!

Customized length, width, height and more

When you consult with one of our steel building experts, we’ll learn everything about the type of barndominium you desire, and we’ll customize our site plans to your specifications. If you want two stories, with windows on each floor and a deck, we can draw up those plans for you and craft the steel frame and paneling as needed.

There’s no limit to what your barndominium can look like except for your own imagination and your own budget – and your budget will go a lot further with a steel-framed home than with the traditional wooden-framed building of days gone by.

Attractive exteriors

Barndominium builders offer a wide variety of sidings for steel-framed buildings, from wood to faux stone or faux brick. Or if you have the budget for it, you could add stucco, masonry, or wood.

Meets all building codes

As with any type of building construction, it’s necessary to get permits from local authorities and to have the building inspected once it’s completed. Steel-framed buildings from SteelCo Building meet or exceed all local building codes.

Quick construction

Prefabricated barndominium homes can be erected in less than half the time it takes to construct a wooden home This is one among many options that make steel-framed buildings such as barndominiums an attractive option for the new homeowner.

Instead of having to wait months for a “traditionally” built home, it’s possible to move into a prefabricated barndominium from SteelCo in just a few months.

Construction assistance

SteelCo is headquartered in Oxford, Georgia. We can perform construction work of our metal buildings within a 30-mile radius of our headquarters. Some of our clients are capable of building their prefab barndominiums themselves. Others prefer a professional contractor to do the job.

We maintain an extensive database of contractors around the country and we are happy to help our clients find the right contractor for their own particular project.

What SteelCo doesn’t do

We go the extra mile for our clients, but there are a few things that we do not do. For example, once you’ve had us design your barndominium home for you and start on the fabrication process, you will still need to have the site where you’re going to place your home ready to go. It will have to be surveyed and electricity and sewer lines laid in, for example.

You’ll need to find out if there are any special requirements for steel-framed homes in your area, and take out the appropriate permits.

Our team is standing by to assist you in any way we can. If you’re not sure if a barndominium is right for you or your family, why not give us a call? Our consultations are always free and we’ll share with you all the information you need to be able to make an informed choice.

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