Steel Can Be a Surprisingly Green (and Cost-Effective) Building Material

Do you need a durable structure that provides space for the long-term? Steel buildings are an affordable option that reduce the amount of time needed to erect a structure with traditional means. Not only can using steel decrease the time spent on construction, allowing businesses to start utilizing warehouses, hangars and other structures earlier, but steel is also better for the environment.

How Is Steel Green?

Steel is a resource that is found naturally. After the refinement and forging process, it can be used for multiple purposes, such as building materials for construction projects. Steel is considered to be environmentally friendly as it can be reused and recycled many times without any impact to its structural properties. Compared to wood, steel has a life cycle advantage. When recycled, a steel beam can become another steel beam—the same cannot be done with wood.

Over half of all steel is recycled for future use. It requires less energy to recycle steel than when creating primary steel. Countries that place an emphasis on recycled steel will see a larger savings. Building green buildings that can keep energy costs low has become increasingly popular in recent years. Low-energy buildings can be designed using steel, as the material used in framing prolongs building life because of its versatile yet durable properties.

Businesses Save Money with Steel

A steel building is an affordable solution that comes without surprises. It is easier to stay within budget when provided with most upfront costs and receiving materials on the expected delivery date from SteelCo. There is no need for contractors and business owners to have to worry about the extra expense and hassle of waste removal with steel building components  created to desired specifications.

Businesses experience little hassle when choosing steel for their structures. Between lower construction and labor costs and minimal maintenance requirements, contractors and business owners can save money initially and in maintenance over the long-term.

An Environmentally-Friendly Building Solution

High quality steel buildings from SteelCo can help grow your business. Add on to existing buildings or quickly put up a stand-alone structure to increase production and profit. Affordable and long-lasting steel construction solutions help businesses expand cost-effectively and are not prone to the issues that can be experienced with other building materials. Contact SteelCo at 1-866-278-6032 for a free quote today.


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