The Benefits of Metal Grow House Buildings

Farmers and ranchers have been taking advantage of the benefits of SteelCo’s prefab metal buildings for many years to build their barns, equipment storage, and other outbuildings. They know that steel buildings are more affordable and can be constructed in half the time of traditional wood structures. But recently there’s been an explosion in demand for prefab metal buildings from a brand-new sector of the agricultural industry, the medical marijuana and hemp farmers. Cannabis growers are facing a shortage of places to grow their crops, and steel grow houses are the perfect solution.

A Booming Demand

Several states have legalized marijuana cultivation for medicinal purposes and others are preparing to follow suit. A recent federal farm bill legalized hemp farming in the U.S. and the CBD industry is exploding. These agricultural entrepreneurs are in dire need of production facilities that meet their requirements. Cannabis plants require specific environmental conditions of temperature, air circulation, water, and light exposure to produce a high-quality product, and steel grow houses can provide them efficiently and affordably. Another problem is that property owners see a lucrative opportunity and raise their rents by up to 200% just because the lessee will be growing cannabis. Many medical marijuana and hemp farmers are choosing to build their own steel structures to avoid high rental costs.

Benefits Of Prefab Steel Buildings For Cannabis Farmers

  • Wide Open Work Space – Marijuana and hemp growers need a lot of space to grow their crops. Steel buildings provide an open self-supporting structure with no need for load-bearing walls and supports only along the sides. This leaves the interior space open for the plants and all the equipment necessary to grow them.
  • Versatile Designs – Since the walls don’t have to bear any load, the interior layout of a metal grow house can be designed with any number and size of rooms to serve as equipment storage, washrooms, and offices. Steel buildings can also have multiple stories and doors and windows placed wherever needed.
  • Durable And Sturdy – Prefab steel buildings have proven to be the best type of structure to withstand severe weather, including wind and snowstorms, hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes. And when they are damaged, the modular design allows for quick and easy repairs.
  • Low Maintenance – A metal grow house is virtually impervious to insects and other pests, as well as mildew and mold, and with modern protective coatings they are very resistant to moisture and rust. They also don’t require regular exterior painting.
  • Energy Efficiency – Indoor marijuana and hemp growing operations have high energy requirements and utility costs are a major expenditure. A steel grow house can be well insulated and sealed so that it is very efficient at maintaining the correct growing temperatures in summer and winter at the lowest cost possible.

SteelCo has 19 years experience providing prefab metal buildings for farmers and ranchers, and now they’re ready to build steel grow houses for the nation’s cannabis farmers. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific grow house needs.


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