Tips for Choosing The Right Medical Grow Houses

As of 2020, 32 states have legalized medical marijuana, and interest in both medical and recreational cannabis is expanding quickly. If you’re trying to jump into this burgeoning industry or expand your existing pursuits, you need a quality grow house building.

A prefab or custom metal building can be the perfect solution. While looking for the right building, keep the following essentials in mind.

Four Tips from Our Building Team

1. Find The Right Location

State and local laws dictate where you can place a grow house building, and you need to ensure you’re meeting these requirements in terms of distances from schools, churches, parks, recreation facilities, and other sensitive locations. However, in most cases, remote locations with plenty of space and room for future expansion are ideal.

2. Ensure Compliance With State Regulations

Every state has slightly different laws related to medical grow houses. For instance, in some states, you can grow in a greenhouse with a semi-permeable roof or even outside if you have high fencing and meet other security requirements.

In contrast, in other states, you need a secure enclosed location such as a metal building. When making your choice, make sure you’re compliant with local regulations but also consider security essentials. You are producing a valuable product, and you need to take steps to minimize theft.

3. Design with Proper Ventilation in Mind

Growing cannabis indoors takes a lot of light which produces intense amounts of heat. To keep your crops from drying out or burning, you need a building with adequate ventilation. Your ventilation strategy may include windows or vents, but for greater precision during the cultivation process, you need a metal building with an HVAC system designed for closed greenhouse schemes that allows you to set precise parameters to foster ideal temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions.

4. Have Adequate Electrical Systems

In a grow house building, you need to power your grow lights and irrigation system as well as your dehumidifiers, ventilators, and air conditioning. As a result, you also need the ability to hook up an electrical system that can support your whole operation. If you’re investing in a metal building that does not come prewired, you need to make sure it has the elements you need to connect power.

Customization Options

Everyone’s needs are different, and ideally, your metal grow house should offer customization options that complement your business objectives. For instance, you may just want a large growing area, or you may want offices, extraction spaces, or other areas in your building as well.

If you need a steel building for a medical grow house or any other purpose, contact us today. At SteelCo Buildings, Inc. we provide prefabricated or custom steel and medical buildings for a range of professionals across all kinds of industries, and we look forward to meeting your needs.


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