Uses for Steel Buildings for Agriculture

If you’re a farmer, rancher, or equestrian, you need safe places to store your equipment or handle certain tasks. A steel building for agriculture provides you with the ideal solution. These buildings come ready to be constructed, and they offer countless features and customizations so you can perfectly meet your needs. Some of the most common uses for steel buildings for agriculture include the following:

Machine Storage

Large tractors, combines, backhoes, and other types of machinery are expensive. They are an investment into your agricultural business, and to safeguard their value and functionality, you need to have a safe storage space. Most of these buildings feature clear span framing so you can have a column-free interior that maximizes your space.

Mechanic Shop

In addition to storing machinery, you may also want to use your steel building as a mechanic’s shop. These buildings offer ample space for shelving and racks to hold everything from small tools such as wrenches and hammers to large tools such as engine stands. Whether you just work on your own machines or offer mechanic services to other people in the area, a steel building for agriculture is the perfect place for these jobs.


You can even keep livestock in a metal building. These buildings can give you a place to shelter young calves in the spring, to temporarily keep a flock of lambs safe from predators, or to house livestock for any other reasons. Depending on your needs, you can keep the livestock in the whole building, or you can customize certain areas for the livestock and other areas for other uses.

Horse Arena

Because the internal customization options are nearly unlimited in a metal building for agriculture, you can even turn a metal building into a horse arena. Imagine a building with roomy stalls for your horses and a large ring in the middle for training. Of course, you can also add spaces for a tack room, a farm manager’s office, or other spaces as well.

Processing Building

Do you process a lot of game? Process meat from your own livestock to package and sell? Whether you process meat for personal or commercial use, you need a large clean space for that activity, and again, a metal building can be ideal.

To learn more about investing in a metal building for agriculture, contact us today. At SteelCo Buildings Inc, we provide a range of prefab and custom buildings to people in agriculture and other industries.


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