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There are a lot of building materials out there, and everyone selling them wants you to think theirs is the answer to your building needs. So we can’t blame you for asking, “What’s so great about steel buildings, anyway?”

Well, we at SteelCo may be just a little biased, but we think we have an answer that’s pretty hard to dispute: Steel is superior to any other construction material. Period.

If you find that a little hard to believe, please keep reading about all the great things that steel is. We think you’ll be convinced that building with steel is the answer to all your building issues.

Steel is economical…

  • Steel is the most economical method of construction currently available. Steel buildings can cost up to 50% less than conventional construction.
  • Steel buildings have lower fire insurance costs, lower assembly and labor costs, and decreased material costs.
  • Steel buildings are designed to be wind, fire, and water resistant, potentially saving you thousands in unplanned repair and insurance costs.

Steel is durable…

  • Steel buildings are non-combustible and non-flammable, which can save you money on insurance costs.
  • Steel buildings are energy-efficient.
  • Steel does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep.
  • Steel is not vulnerable to termites or other insects, fungi, mold or other organisms.
  • Steel buildings do not need re-sheeting or re-painting over the useable life of the structure.

Steel is quality…

  • Steel is a consistent quality material, produced in strict accordance with national standards; there are no regional variations.
  • Steel building construction is precise, with straight walls, square corners, and windows and doors that open and shut evenly and exactly.

Steel is tough…

  • Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, making it safer, more durable, lower maintenance and less prone to foundation problems.
  • Steel buildings generally suffer less damage in earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, floods, hail storms and snowstorms because their light structure and strong connections result in less seismic force.
  • Steel is dimensionally stable; it does not expand or contract with moisture or temperature changes.
  • Steel buildings are designed to meet or exceed all local building codes.

Steel is your style…

  • Steel buildings look better than ever, and can be customized to any taste by adding brick, stucco, aggregate panels, or pretty much whatever you like.

Steel is time-saving…

    • Steel buildings can usually be constructed on a much tighter schedule than conventional construction. In fact, a prefabricated steel building can be designed, customized, approved by local building authorities, delivered and erected in a matter of weeks.
    • Steel Buildings are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory for faster construction, so you can get your finished structure into action sooner than you thought possible.

Steel is versatile…

  • Steel has an extremely wide range of building applications – everything from tool sheds to sports arenas, dog houses to family homes, sunglass kiosks to aircraft hangars. Just take your choice.
  • Steel buildings’ flexible designs make future expansion or redesign fast, easy and affordable.
  • Steel buildings require no interior load-bearing columns or walls, giving you greater flexibility in design and layout, and more room for storing your stuff.
  • Steel buildings can accommodate clear-spans of up to 300 feet wide at a surprisingly low cost per square foot.

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