Recreational buildings are designed for the general public – everyone from kids to teens to adults – to congregate and engage in individual or team sports without concern for inclement weather.

Recreational Metal Buildings

Such recreational buildings can shelter practically any activity, from swimming pools to hockey rinks, from indoor baseball or soccer fields to basketball or volleyball gyms, even indoor motocross.

Also falling under the recreational category are community centers that offer a wide variety of multi-use courts, gyms and health clubs, even practice facilities for semi-professional and professional athletes.

Metal recreational buildings are so versatile that they can be put to any use, and SteelCo Buildings offers pre-engineered plans for any of the buildings mentioned above and more.

Prefab recreational buildings can be as large as they need to be, with additional space for locker rooms for men and women, a cafeteria, as well as office space for administrative staff. Recreational buildings from SteelCo Buildings are the clear choice for any private individual, business, or public servants.

Clear span construction

Perhaps more so than any other type of building, metal recreation buildings benefit from clear span construction. There is no need for load bearing walls or support columns placed every few feet to bear up the ceiling – which in turn gets in the way of the activities taking place.

Clear span construction – a unique feature provided by using steel as a framing material – can produce spaces over 350 feet wide with no support needed. That’s almost the length of a football field. And by utilizing support columns in the center of the building (multiple span), the clear span can be expanded out on either side for a building over 500 feet in width (a football field and a half!).

Ceilings of recreational buildings can be 40 feet high, giving the building plenty of space for any activity. It’s also possible to do multi-story buildings if desired.

Meets all building codes

There is no one uniform building code for the entire country – each state has its own set of rules and regulations, whether it’s the New Hampshire State Building Code Review Board, the Arkansas Building Authority, the California Building Standards Commission or the Oregon Building Codes Division.

Metal recreational buildings from SteelCo Building meet or exceed all local and state building codes.

Quick construction

Pre-engineered steel framing and panels are shipped directly from our factories to the customer’s site. Because everything is prefabricated, it shortens the time to erect the building tremendously. Smaller buildings can be put up in days, larger buildings in a matter of weeks.

The lead time for the building materials will vary, of course, depending on if the client chooses a simple or complex design which necessitates a couple of weeks to draw up the plans and then 6 – 10 weeks to manufacture the frame and other materials.

The benefit of quick construction is clear. There are no unnecessary delays – people can begin using the facility immediately and income starts coming in for the business owner.

Sturdy construction

Metal recreational buildings are designed to withstand anything the elements can throw at them, from high winds to hail to thunderstorms. Even flooding won’t impact the integrity of a metal building.

Low maintenance

Recreational steel buildings don’t require a lot of maintenance as far their steel frames are concerned. Termite infestation which is a real problem with wooden-framed buildings doesn’t exist with steel, there’s nothing in steel for them to eat!

Steel also doesn’t rot, split or crack with age, which is why all of our recreational steel buildings are warrantied for 25 years. Many steel buildings continue to serve the purpose they were built for, decades later.


Metal recreational buildings are attractive, whether the client chooses to go with all metal panels and roof, or use faux brick or some other material as accents here and there.

Our exterior roof and wall panels are precision roll-formed from pre-painted coils of either galvanized or Galvalume® steel, the best on the market. Panels can be delivered in arctic blue, brick red, burnished slate, evergreen, fox gray, light stone, polar white or sagebrush tan.

Optional faux brick or wood panel accents can be used to heighten the attractiveness of any building, as well as cupolas, canopies and overhangs.

A Variety of Frame Styles

The frame style you choose depends on the size of your building and its purpose. 

Frame styles consist of lean-tos, modular rigid frames with single or slope-style roofs, rigid frames for clearspan construction, and gabled or single slope roofs. Single slope rigid frame and tapered beam frame styles complete the choices for our metal recreational buildings.


Pre-engineered metal recreational buildings are easily customizable. Simply consult with our top design team and share your needs and expectations, and we’ll deliver a sleek, stylish design that meets or exceeds what you expected!

We deliver throughout the United States

Materials for our recreational buildings for sale can be delivered to any state. Our buildings are suitable for all environments, from mild winters and summers to regions where the harshest elements hold sway.

Why Choose SteelCo Buildings

SteelCo has an A+ rating at BBB, and a 5-star rating of reviews around the web. We have been in the pre-engineered steel structure business for over 20 years – and there’s no denying that experience matters.

But all of our design teams also keep up-to-date in new building technologies and designs, so our customers know they will always receive the best from us.

We are proud not only of our reputation but also of each one of the thousands of SteelCo structures that have been erected throughout the country. Our goal is that when a client needs to expand their building or start a new business with a new building, they return to us again and again because we’ve built up the client/provider rapport they expect.

Contact us today to learn about your next steel recreational building.

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Benjamin Gates
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Toni Houtz
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tony biddle
Clint was great to deal with, building material quality was very good. They even recommended a great 3rd party to construct the buildings for me. I would use them again.
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Brandon Wiggins
I used SteelCo for my most recent building addition at our self storage facility. Clint and Brad were great to work with from start to finish. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a metal building.
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michael johnson
Had a project I was working on and contacted Clint Neely. Although it wasn't a huge project, he was very helpful. Within 24 hours I had a price, and he came and met me later that day to sign the order......In less than a week, materials were dropped, and work has begun. Couldn't be happier with Steelco or with Clint. Thanks!
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Buiding will be delivered in a few weeks. So far Steel co buildings has been very helpful, always up to date on what's going on. Never had a problem getting a hold of anyone.
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Michelle Wilkerson
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Joey Ayash
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Jennifer Hutchins
I would highly recommend SteelCo Buildings and especially Clint Neely. He was very responsive and knowledgeable and the whole experience with Clint was unbelievable. Wish more companies had people like Clint working for them. Super excited to enjoy our lake house this summer. Thank you SteelCo and Clint for an amazing experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!
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