Metal garage buildings and metal workshop buildings are ideal for homeowners or businesses who need expanded space.

Steel Garages & Workshops


A metal garage building, prefabricated from commercial-grade steel, gives plenty of space to shelter a car, truck, boat, or lawn maintenance equipment such as a riding lawnmower, from the elements.

Because prefabricated metal garage buildings are customizable, they can be crafted to any size so that there is plenty of room for multiple vehicles, with a doorway system wide enough and tall enough to accept the largest of vehicles.

In addition to steel garage buildings, homeowners can erect steel workshop buildings. Attempting to do woodworking or enjoy a man cave in an already crowded garage can be difficult. The solution is stand-alone metal workshop buildings.  As with a garage, metal workshop buildings can be built to any specification, and the interior is easily customizable as a workshop, a man cave or a she shed (or lady lair!).

Commercial uses

Businesses that need to expand their premises take advantage of custom steel garages or steel workshop buildings, because these buildings are quick and easy to erect. They can be ready for use within a couple of months rather than several months.

And because steel is non-combustible, metal workshop buildings such as welding shops are much better than wooden buildings when it comes to fire safety. This is reflected in the annual insurance rates for the building.

Let’s go into the many reasons why prefabricated steel garage buildings and metal workshop buildings are the best choice for homeowners or businesses.

  • Customizable size. Prefabricated steel garage buildings or steel workshop buildings can be delivered in standard sizes, or they can be customized to a desired height and width.  They can consist of multiple floors – so it’s possible to place an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), otherwise known as a mother-in-law apartment or a granny flat – above the garage, for example.
  • Customizable interior. Because steel buildings don’t need the supporting beams or load-bearing walls that wooden structures do, there is more room inside these buildings for the owner to design it as desired.
  • Building codes. All new construction must meet or exceed local business codes. Prefabricated steel garage buildings or steel workshop buildings supplied by SteelCo deliver on that requirement.
  • Fire resistant. Steel is noncombustible – it does not burn. This reduces fire risk and may also result in reduced insurance costs.
  • Sturdy. Steel-framed buildings withstand high winds and heavy snows. Properly treated, the steel panels withstand rust. Mold and termite infestation are not an issue, so maintenance – although still necessary – is less arduous than with wooden buildings.
  • Energy efficient. Steel garage buildings and steel workshop buildings provide the energy efficiency that today’s buildings need. Steel roofs for example reflect sunlight, thus saving on air conditioning needs during the summer months.
  • Attractive. Steel-framed buildings have a certain “look” to them that is attractive, and they are available in a wide variety of different colors. Facades of brick, stone or wood can be added if desired.

There are two more reasons why prefabricated steel garages and workshops suit the needs of homeowners and businesses.

  • Fast delivery. Once you place your order with us, your prefabricated building materials are shipped to your location within 8 to 12 weeks – depending on whether you have ordered a standard or a customized building.
  • Fast assembly. Because our steel buildings are prefabricated, they can be erected by skilled crews in a few weeks, rather than a few months which is the standard time for new construction.

Custom Steel Garages

The team at SteelCo Buildings has almost 120 years of combined experience in designing and fabricating quality steel buildings – everything from garages and workshops to larger projects such as strip malls and horse arenas.

Whether you’re a home owner who would like a garage or a workshop or a man cave or lady lair, a prefabricated steel building is the answer.

There’s no need for a drab steel building if you’re a home owner, or a business.

Once the steel frame has been erected, the painted roof and wall panels are installed. These panels are formed from galvanized or Galvalume® coils. We use an industry proven silicone-polyester paint coating in the following colors:

  •    Burnished slate
  •    Evergreen
  •    Arctic blue
  •    Brick red
  •    Sagebrush tan
  •    Fox gray
  •    Lightstone
  •    Polar white

Our panels are available in a variety of designs as well, from “A” panels to “roof/wall panels to “reverse wall panels.” We also offer insulated panels if desired.

For more information on our paint standards and panel designs, go to our steel building design page.

Customizing your steel workshop or steel garage buildings

Steel garages and steel workshops can be customized to fit any need. Workshops may or may not need roll-up doors, depending on the purpose of the shop. We offer a variety of door options – from walk-in doors to roll-up doors.

Gutters and downspouts help protect the integrity of the building’s foundation by directing rainwater and snowmelt away. Skylights are popular for letting in natural light during daylight hours, which save on electric bills.  

Steel buildings for any region

Prefabricated steel garages and steel workshops can be erected in any region of the United States. They are suitable for every climate from mild winters and summers to the temperature extremes of the southwest or New England.

Valuable equipment such as cars and trucks need to be protected from the elements, but especially on the coasts where salt and rust can do real damage to their paint job if they are left neglected to the elements.

Storing vehicles and equipment in a steel garage also improves the appearance of one’s property, which is an added bonus.

Most businesses and home owners can benefit from added room, and a custom-designed steel garage or steel workshop is the inexpensive solution to these needs.

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