SteelCo provides cold room solutions for every need and industry. Read more about how our team specializes in providing the best options for cold storage solutions.

Cold Storage

SteelCo Buildings offers a variety of customized steel cold storage buildings, doors, and options, offering flexibility and convenience to meet your needs. Our insulated metal panels function in a variety of settings, including distribution centers, warehouses, refrigeration based buildings, freezer space construction and those for personal needs.

Our experience and expertise sets the standard in the industry. We specialize in superior, refrigerated construction that is unique and standards based using the appropriate construction methods required by law. The team at SteelCo prides itself on providing low maintenance engineered, energy efficient, expandable and environmentally friendly buildings approved by the USDA.

We provide cold room solutions that make the difference with top quality projects that create the best storage solution for every need. Regardless of industry, our panels and construction provide lasting cold storage insulation throughout the year.

Types of Cold Storage Facilities

Although they have many uses, there are generally three kinds of storage facilities. These are the combination refrigerator rooms, modular refrigeration rooms and cool rooms for industrial purposes. Many cold storage facilities are used to protect food that perishes easily; perishable nutrient products; dairy products; food and vegetables; medical supplies that must be stored at certain temperatures. While these are standard uses, cold storage facilities can be used in any industry.

Benefits of Cold Storage Buildings

Steel cold storage buildings are unique. Our cold storage buildings offer a number of benefits and features:

  1. Strength – Our panels are cost-effective, strong but lightweight, making them easy to install.
  2. Variety – We offer a variety of panels in different sizes and dimensions to accommodate any structure. Panels may also be customized in any length and tolerance to meet your needs.
  3. Effectiveness – Our panels provide some of the best thermal efficiency on the market, maintaining and exceeding quality control standards.
  4. Accessories – From cold storage flooring options to all types of insulated doors, we provide all the elements needed for a complete project. All accessories are designed for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and other cold storage-controlled environments. Our thermal panels can fit any aesthetic with our choices in laminates, textures and skins.

Insulated Metal Cold Storage Panels

There are a number of insulated metal panels with different features and benefits. All panels are designed with sustainable building materials. Insulated metal panels used in cold storage applications offer protection based on the conditions of exposure. These panels can be used for cold storage expansion, cooler and freezer warehouses and large food production facilities. There are many mandates and regulatory measures in place to ensure the integrity of the products. We use insulated metal wall panels with various thicknesses, and a variety of manufacturers that have proven the test of time. Our panels include:

  • “A” Wall Panel
  • Roof/Wall Panel
  • Insulated Wall Panel
  • Reverse Wall Panel
  • Standing Seam Roof Panel

Each one of these panels are unique in purpose and use. They are used in conjunction with our varied frame styles, which include the Lean-To; Modular Rigid Frame; Rigid Frame/Clearspan/Gable; Single Slope Rigid Frame, and Tapered Beam. Every frame allows for customization based on need.

Cold Storage Doors

Every cold storage system needs the right doors to ensure a seamless finish. Our team is experienced in horizontal sliding, blast cell, strip curtains, air doors, truck doc and personnel doors. All doors can be customized based on dimension, location and need.

Quality and Affordability Come First

Our panels have the highest R-value on the market to support a clean working environment, meeting all USDA and FDA regulations. Eco-friendly, companies seeking LEED standards will gain credits through our recyclable metal IMPs. Our prefab cold storage steel warehouses are affordable, creating quick, attainable solutions at cost-effective pricing.

Expert Construction and Installation

The team uses thermally-efficient panels and a design-build approach for construction and installation to promote decreased construction times and costs. Every design has food-safe finishes free of obstructions, allowing easier cleaning. We utilize advanced cooling system options that provide the best storage conditions which minimizes shrinkage while maximizing profits. Customized panels may be needed, depending on your needs. Panels that increase light reflectivity, including expansion walls, plant partition walls and walkable ceilings are available.

Additional advantages:

  • Technologically savvy and efficient designs
  • Multiple temperature zones
  • Layout guidance


Every project needs expertise and experience. That begins with the right consultation. Our team specializes in providing the best options for unique cold storage solutions. We advise on floor systems that prevent freezing below the surface to ensure every element of the facility is protected.

Every project is special, no matter the size. We understand the importance of using the right materials and building specifications to maintain its integrity. You’ll find the team at SteelCo quick and efficient at every turn. A trusted firm with over 100 combined years of metal building experience, we meticulously care about each project and customer. We’re ready to help you with your cold storage building vision! For more information on steel cold storage buildings, solutions, and how we can assist, contact a team member to schedule a consultation today.

Learn More About Our Cold Storage Solutions

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Why Choose SteelCo?

Benjamin Gates
Benjamin Gates
These guys have been great to work with. I have dealt with Joseph and Brad, and they have been total professionals. Look forward to working with them again!
Toni Houtz
Toni Houtz
Ben Childers went above and beyond helping me design and quote storage buildings. With guys like Ben Childers I will be coming back with follow up business. Thank You Donald B Houtz
tony biddle
tony biddle
Clint was great to deal with, building material quality was very good. They even recommended a great 3rd party to construct the buildings for me. I would use them again.
Brandon Wiggins
Brandon Wiggins
I used SteelCo for my most recent building addition at our self storage facility. Clint and Brad were great to work with from start to finish. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a metal building.
michael johnson
michael johnson
Had a project I was working on and contacted Clint Neely. Although it wasn't a huge project, he was very helpful. Within 24 hours I had a price, and he came and met me later that day to sign the order......In less than a week, materials were dropped, and work has begun. Couldn't be happier with Steelco or with Clint. Thanks!
Mx8 Mx8
Mx8 Mx8
Buiding will be delivered in a few weeks. So far Steel co buildings has been very helpful, always up to date on what's going on. Never had a problem getting a hold of anyone.
Michelle Wilkerson
Michelle Wilkerson
Clint Neely was very helpful and the entire team is professional. I highly recommend the Steelco team for any industrial buildings you may need
Joey Ayash
Joey Ayash
I looked along and hard for a steel building supplier turns out steelco was very close and I gave brad and Ben a call, they took care of everything including all the changes and extras for my building! Great experience from start to finish ! I'll be a repeat customer! Thanks again Brad and Ben and all the steelco employees that made my building !
Jennifer Hutchins
Jennifer Hutchins
I would highly recommend SteelCo Buildings and especially Clint Neely. He was very responsive and knowledgeable and the whole experience with Clint was unbelievable. Wish more companies had people like Clint working for them. Super excited to enjoy our lake house this summer. Thank you SteelCo and Clint for an amazing experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY!!
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