SteelCo Buildings has over a decade of experience in crafting prefabricated steel horse arenas, barns, and other buildings for the discerning equestrian.

Steel Horse Arenas

A horse riding or dressage school benefits from an indoor horse arena. There’s no need to worry about what the weather is doing outside – inside the riding area will be clean and mud-free. For those regions that receive very little rain but a lot of sun, an outdoor covered arena is just the ticket.

There are several reasons why prefabricated steel equestrian buildings have become the first choice for the equestrian industry. Whether an indoor or covered outdoor arena is desired, or training facilities are needed, prefabricated steel buildings meet every need.

Clear span construction

Unlike any other building material, the strength of steel enables indoor and outdoor horse arenas to be built with “clear span construction.” This means that there is no need for load-bearing walls or columns every few feet. SteelCo Buildings can deliver clear span arenas up to 225 feet wide (almost the length of a football field).

This is particularly desirable for indoor riding arenas, because it allows for a large central area free of obstruction, and if bleachers are erected around this central area, there won’t be an obstructed view anywhere, which will please spectators.

Clear span construction is the “cherry on top” of the many elements that demonstrate the advantages of prefabricated steel over any other building material.


SteelCo Buildings offers a wide range of plans for steel equestrian buildings such as indoor horse arenas, outdoor covered arenas, stalls and barns.

We are also happy to design a customized floor plan for any of these buildings and more.

Living areas or storage rooms can be added, for example, or even a second or third floor. Windows, entry doors or large barn doors can be added to suit the needs of the building.

Our experienced design team is happy to meet with clients to learn exactly what is needed and then deliver a design that not only meets but also exceeds their expectations.


Ramshackle wooden buildings that start to fall apart are a thing of the past. Steel horse arenas can be designed with attractive facades – wood, brick, stucco, or with pre-painted steel panels in a variety of attractive colors.

The interior design can be just as attractive. Because the buildings are clear span, the choices of interior design are limitless.

Quick construction

Prefabricated steel horse arenas and riding areas are easy and quick to construct because the steel frame and the steel panels are crafted in advance and are easy to fit together by skilled workers.

Once the design of the building is finalized, the framing and steel panels can be manufactured and shipped within a few weeks.

Once all of the construction materials have arrived at their destination, the prefabricated steel building can then be erected in three or four weeks rather than the three or four months that it takes for buildings made from wood.

Fire resistant

Steel is a noncombustible building material – it doesn’t burn. This quality is especially desirable for buildings that will accommodate hundreds or perhaps thousands of people such as indoor horse arenas, and hay stored to feed the horses or other livestock.

Insurance companies typically reward the owners of steel equestrian buildings with lower insurance premiums.


Steel-framed equestrian buildings are sturdy and durable – they are built with the strength to withstand high winds and heavy snows. This makes them suitable for any region of the United States or the world, for that matter.

SteelCo Buildings designs all of its buildings – whether indoor or outdoor horse arenas, barns, storage sheds and so on – to meet or exceed the building codes of any municipality. This includes wind and weight tolerances.

Less maintenance required

Wooden buildings must be constantly inspected for signs of termite or other insect infestation, and treated with chemicals on a yearly basis to prevent them from gaining a tooth-hold.

Wooden buildings must also be checked periodically for rot, especially in damp climates. That is not the case for steel, which is impervious to those inconveniences.

As a result, less maintenance is required to keep a steel horse arena or barn looking as good as the day it was built.

Energy efficient

Regardless of the design chosen for a steel-framed building, they provide the energy efficiency needed. A roof over an otherwise open arena will protect horses and riders from the direct heat of the sun, since it reflects rather than absorbs sunlight.

Steel panels can be insulated for indoor horse arenas in colder climates, saving on energy bills.

Environmentally friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable. There are no waste products generated when steel is recycled, and the recycled steel is as strong and durable as it was when its individual elements first came out of the furnace!


Many is the business that needs to start small but knows it wishes to expand in the future. With steel horse arenas, this expansion is easy. Stand-alone tack buildings or stalls can be erected quickly, or placed adjacent to the horse arena for ease of use.

SteelCo Buildings Deliver Top Quality Indoor Horse Arenas

Indoor riding arenas make good business sense. They can provide a selling point that competitors lack. Custom-built, stylish indoor horse arenas and other steel equestrian buildings are sturdy and durable so they won’t turn into ramshackle, broken-down buildings that need to be replaced every few years. This in turn saves money that can be put back into the business.

As with any type of building, steel riding arenas do have certain requirements. The ground on which they are to be placed must be graded and prepared. It’s important to consider the rainfall in the area as well. It’s not a good idea to build in an area that’s susceptible to flooding every year, for example!

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