Commercial metal buildings have become the most popular type of new construction, because of the many benefits that steel has over other construction materials.

Commercial Metal Buildings

There is no limit to the type of commercial metal buildings that can be constructed. Here’s a list of just a few of the commercial building types that have embraced steel-framed prefabricated buildings:

  •       Auto shops
  •       Auto dealerships
  •       Car washes
  •       Fire stations
  •       Fitness centers/gyms
  •       Golf cart storage
  •       Offices
  •       Retail stores
  •       Self-storage facilities
  •       Strip malls

There are many compelling factors that explain why steel commercial buildings are dominating the new construction market, and we’ll go over a few of them below.

Easily customizable

Pre-fabricated steel commercial buildings do not have to be a one-size-fits-all proposition. Buildings can be customized to any size, to receive any type of door opening system, with several floors if desired.

Wooden buildings need columns or load-bearing walls to hold up the ceiling. This is not the case with steel which means that there’s plenty of space within the building to design it as you wish, not as the needs of columns or walls dictate.


Commercial steel buildings are affordable. Steel is less expensive than wood because it requires less maintenance. Steel is impervious to termites, for example, as well as mold, mildew and rot.

Quicker construction

With a prefabricated steel frame and steel panels, a building can be erected in weeks rather than months. This is of course ideal for businesses that want to hit the ground running as soon as possible.

Fire resistant

This is another reason why commercial metal building are so popular. Unlike wood, steel doesn’t burn.  Because of this, you will be rewarded with a less-expensive insurance bill.

Suitable for any climate

Commercial metal buildings can be built in any region – from mild climates where the temperature never gets too warm or too cold, to the harsher climates where temps climb over 100° during summer months or plunge to below 0 for weeks on end during the winter. Steel-framed buildings are sturdy to stand up to wind storms, they can be insulated against the cold and against the heat. Steel buildings are also more energy efficient than wooden buildings.

Environmentally friendly

Obviously when you build your new auto shop, car wash, stand-alone store or strip mall, or offices, you want and expect that building to be standing for a good long time. But if your business needs change down the road and the city wants to repurpose your site, for example, it’s nice to know that steel is 100% recyclable.


Last but not least, the exteriors of steel commercial buildings are attractive. The lines are sleek and square, and a variety of color options are available. In addition, it’s possible to add facades to the building – brick, wood, stone – to increase that attractiveness.

The design of the interior of the building is at your discretion as well. Because the building is “clearspan,” you can leave the entire space open or divide it into a variety of rooms – whatever best suits your needs.

Commercial metal buildings for sale

You’ve decided that you and your company are going to construct your new auto shop, self-storage building, strip mall or residential office building out of steel.

Now, who do you go to for the building plans and the prefabricated steel frame and panels that you need? SteelCo Buildings has been supplying floor plans and prefabricated commercial steel buildings to businesses across the country for almost 20 years. We provide not only “stock” building plans for businesses, but also custom-designed plans to suit any need.

The logistics of commercial buildings

A new building represents a major investment for a company. By choosing a prefabricated steel commercial building, you will save money on initial construction costs and future maintenance, which will certainly help the bottom line of your business!

Commercial steel buildings for sale such as auto shops or self-storage facilities are usually built to a similar plan across the country. Over the years the most efficient design of such buildings has already been found.

The same could be said of auto dealerships, which require showrooms for cars, easy access for vehicles into and out of the building, and several offices. Strip malls also follow the same general plan.

The designs for office buildings and retail stores also have been perfected over the years. That’s why we at SteelCo have a wide variety of stock plans for these types of buildings.

However, steel buildings are nothing, if not customizable, and our experienced design team is always ready to tackle any unique customer requests or needs.

Caring for a commercial steel building

Although steel buildings are less maintenance intensive than other types of buildings, they still need to be looked after.

Here are a few tips:

  • Wash the exterior of the building every couple of months.
  • In winter, check the roof after every snow fall. Although your roof is designed to bear heavy loads, it’s best to remove snow if it’s over four inches high.
  • Make sure you check gutters and drains periodically and clean out bird’s nests, leaves and so on.

Why put gutters on a steel building? To make sure that rain water and snow melt run off away from your sidewalks and in particular your doors. Not only will this protect the foundation of your building, but your customers will appreciate it as well.

Talk to us

Building a new stand-alone store or auto shop is a major investment – as is building an entire strip mall!

We are happy to speak with clients about every aspect of that investment, whether you are purchasing one of our stock plans or whether you need to consult with us about a customized design.

At SteelCo, we take pride in delivering customer service over and above what our clients expect. That’s on top of our quality prefabricated steel frames and panels.

We encourage our potential clients to discuss their needs with at least two commercial metal building manufacturers. When you come to us, we’re confident you’ll see the difference.

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