Metal worship buildings are economical to build and are attractive inside and out. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that when a congregation feels it needs to add on more room to its existing building, or move into larger quarters, most of them choose a prefab steel building to suit their needs.

Metal Churches & Worship Centers

Steel church buildings can be erected anywhere in the country, regardless of climate or seasonal conditions. There are many benefits to erecting steel church buildings.

Least expensive construction costs

Prefab metal church buildings are the least expensive type of construction in the industry. Steel is less expensive than aluminum, and less expensive than wood as well.

Steel is less expensive, but it’s also sturdier and more durable than any other building material. In addition, because your building has been prefabricated, there is no extraneous building material that will need to be hauled away at the end of the job. That saves on costs, too!

Quicker construction

Because prefab metal worship buildings are just that – prefabricated – they can be erected in weeks rather than months by competent contractors. This enables a congregation to move into their new home quickly!

Also, because buildings are pre-fabricated, anyone with the required skills, and access to the equipment needed, can put together such a building. However, we recommend that licensed and bonded subcontractors put together your building for you.

More space for less cost

Because steel is stronger than any other building material, buildings can have what’s called a “clearspan.” There’s no need for load-bearing supports dotted throughout the interior of the building to hold up the roof! This gives much more room for seating areas for the congregation, for example.

Cheaper insurance

Steel buildings are typically less expensive to insure than other types of buildings. Steel is not flammable so insurance companies reward this with cheaper rates.

Easier to maintain

We’ve already said that steel is stronger and more durable than aluminum or wood. Steel also doesn’t rot or warp, unlike wood. Steel is impervious to insects as well – so there’s no need to schedule yearly pest-control inspections. That’s all the more reason to choose prefab metal church buildings.


It’s easy to customize prefab metal church buildings. Whether you want one story or two, certain types of windows or doors, these can be accommodated.

It’s also easy to expand by building on new additions – should the congregation continue to grow. And of course, you want your congregation to continue to grow!

Attractive designs, colors, and facings available

Steel buildings have come a long way since their debut right after World War II.  Today, prefab steel church buildings can have a wide variety of sleek and attractive designs.  Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder but the crisp, clean lines of a steel-framed building are generally pleasing to the eye.

Churches have a look different than those of other types of buildings – with soaring arches, perhaps, or at the very least spires reaching to the sky. SteelCo Buildings can customize prefab steel church buildings to suit the needs of any type of house of worship.

There are plenty of non-fade colors available for the exterior panels, and facings of faux brick or wood can add just the right touch. Indeed, adding facings of faux brick or wood paneling to the exterior of the building give it a look of elegance that congregants expect. The facings can extend as far up the side of the building as desired.

Multi-use buildings

Because prefab steel church buildings are so economical and so easy to erect, they can be used for a multitude of purposes – whatever the house of worship may need – anything from an added-on nursery or preschool to classrooms for older kids and adults, even a dining hall if desired.

Houses of worship are really spoiled for choice when it comes to expanding their facilities. It simply depends on how much space they have – the new building or buildings can be crafted to just the right size. Of course, the main reason to do so is to improve the experience of the congregation, and a new building, attractively appointed, can accomplish just that.

What to consider before you erect a metal church building

SteelCo Buildings provides its customers with the building plans that our engineering team creates, as well as all the necessary building materials – all of which will meet or exceed the building codes in your region. However, there are other things you must consider before you start work on your new building or addition.

Prior to beginning any building project, permits must be obtained from your local government. Your building lot must be properly graded.  Then a concrete slab on which the prefab church buildings will rest must be poured and cured properly. Qualified, licensed concrete subcontractors can perform this task for you.

Once the building has been completed, electricity and water lines must be run into the building. Then the building will be inspected to ensure that it meets all codes.

There are even more reasons why prefab metal church buildings are growing more and more popular.

Why choose SteelCo Buildings for your new metal church buildings?

SteelCo Building has decades of experience in custom-designing and prefabricating steel buildings of the highest quality.

We put our customers first. Our design team consults with you to ascertain your precise needs, and then creates the prefabricated steel panels, framing, roofing and other materials needed for you to construct the best building possible.

If you’re thinking of adding an addition on to your current house of worship, or you wish to have a brand-new building custom designed, why not contact us today for a free consultation?

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