Steel self-storage buildings are among the simplest prefab storage buildings to erect, and they fulfill a host of functions for both the personal and commercial user.

Commercial vs Personal Use For Self-Storage


Steel self-storage buildings, also called mini storage buildings, are among the most popular type of commercial buildings being erected today. The self-storage industry is booming for two reasons – people need storage space for their stuff and these buildings are among the simplest and least expensive to erect.

Customers of prefab mini storage facilities expect choices – storage units or “bays” that start on the small side, usually 5’ X 10’, and then going up in increments from 5’ X 10’ to 10’ X 15’ to 10X 20’ and 10’ X 30’ or even larger. Customers may be happy with outdoor storage units, or they may prefer an indoor unit that provides climate control.

Self-storage buildings from SteelCo Buildings come in a wide variety of plans or we can customize them to your own specific needs.

Personal Use

Lining up cars or boats haphazardly on one’s property is a thing of the past. Unless they are under cover they are not protected from the elements – the relentless rays of the sun or the hail of winter. They also look unsightly.

With a metal storage building (minimum 2,400 sqft) from SteelCo Buildings, your vehicles can be placed under cover where they are out of the elements. You can then work on them throughout the year – no need to wait for nice weather to break out the tools and get to work.

Metal storage buildings can feature a variety of different door systems, so you’ll be sure to have plenty of room to get your cars and boats out of the building as easily as you got them in.

Steel self-storage buildings are suitable for collector cars, junker cars you intend to fix, boats, farm machinery and equipment, and any other items you’d like to store indoors but out of your own house, to give you more room there as well. 

Whether you are looking for a steel mini storage, a small shed, or even a residential self-storage building with two or even three doors for cars or other vehicles, SteelCo Buildings has the floor plans for buildings that will serve those purposes.

The Benefits of Prefabricated Self-Storage Buildings

Inexpensive but sturdy

We always make a point of clarifying that pre-engineered steel self-storage buildings constructed from steel are inexpensive but sturdy, since the general perception is that anything that is inexpensive won’t last as long as something that costs more to build.

The reason steel buildings and prefab self-storage units are inexpensive compared to other building materials is that steel is the most recycled metal on the planet. It can be recycled over and over again and never loses its properties for strength and durability.

And metal self-storage buildings are also sturdy. Their component parts are crafted from top quality materials made to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. Cost-savings for prefab storage units also come from less maintenance over time along with quicker construction times due to prefabricated parts taking less time to put together.

Lower insurance premiums

Because steel is non-combustible – not catching fire or burning, steel mini storage buildings or self-storage buildings are typically rewarded with lower premiums by insurance agencies as the safer nature of these buildings equates to less insurance risk.

Low maintenance

Steel self-storage buildings are inexpensive to erect and inexpensive to maintain. That’s because steel is impervious to rot, mold or mildew, unlike wooden buildings. There’s no need to call out a pest control person every year to check for termites – termites obviously find steel unappetizing!

Quick and easy to erect

Logically, it just takes less time to erect pre-engineered metal storage buildings because all of the materials are delivered and on hand with nothing more to do than follow the building erection plans.

On top of all the other features, this is a particularly attractive one. There’s no need to wait months and months for your home storage building to be erected, or for you to have to wait to start your new self-storage business. Prefab self-storage buildings can be erected in days rather than weeks.

Clear span construction

Unlike wooden buildings that need load bearing walls or columns, steel frames are strong enough to stand on their own – up to 350’ feet wide and 100’ high, if desired. Without walls or columns in the way, there’s lots more space for cars, boats, or whatever else is being stored.

Attractive and long-lasting

If not properly cared for, wooden buildings can weather and fade and become ramshackle in just a few years. That’s not the case with steel-framed pre-engineered storage buildings. SteelCo Building provides top-quality PBR panels that come in a wide variety of long-lasting, non-fade colors.

Customizable and expandable

SteelCo Buildings has professional floor plans available for a wide variety of prefab self-storage buildings and prefab mini storage, but can also provide custom-designed building plans from our talented team of designers. 

Windows? A skylight or two? Gutters and downspouts? A second-story for more office space? Steel self-storage buildings can be customized in an infinite number of ways.

Hallway Systems, Mini Storage, & Self-Storage

Hallway systems, mini storage, and self-storage are terms frequently used interchangeably within the industry, referring to structures specifically engineered for the secure storage of personal or commercial items. While these terms are often synonymous, here’s a quick run-down on how to better understand the subtle nuances which can aid you in choosing the ideal storage solution for your needs.

Interchangeable Terms:

Hallway Systems:
This term pertains to the layout of storage units within a larger facility or converted building (typically commercial or retail buildings), organized along corridors or aisles to facilitate easy navigation and access to individual units. Hallway systems optimize space utilization while ensuring efficient movement within the storage facility.

Mini Storage:
Often denoting smaller-scale steel storage facilities, mini storage establishments typically offer individually rented units tailored for personal or commercial use. These units come in various sizes, providing flexible storage options to accommodate diverse needs, from storing household items to business inventory.

A comprehensive term encompassing storage space rental for personal or business use. Within self-storage facilities, mini storage units may be available alongside larger storage spaces, catering to clients with varying storage requirements. Self-storage facilities also tend to offer versatility, security, and convenience for storing belongings short or long-term.

Whether for commercial or personal use, hallway systems and steel mini-storage buildings offer secure and adaptable storage solutions customized to meet diverse demands. SteelCo Buildings provides a wide array of available floor plans and customization options to cater to various storage needs. From climate-controlled units to customizable layouts, clients can find the perfect solution to safeguard their belongings while maximizing storage efficiency.

Is security and convenience a top priority for your self-storage building vision? Hallway systems and steel self-storage buildings prioritize security and accessibility. Advanced security features such as surveillance cameras, gated access, and individual unit locks ensure the protection of stored items. Additionally, convenient features like drive-up access, well-lit corridors, and 24/7 accessibility enhance the overall storage experience, providing clients with peace of mind and ease of use.

The SteelCo Buildings Difference

SteelCo Buildings has been in business for more than 20 years and our team brings over 100 years of combined expertise to deliver a smooth and seamless customer experience for our clients. We pride ourselves on our reputation of delivering top-quality prefabricated storage units and buildings anywhere in the continental United States.

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