SteelCo Buildings offers several customizable prefabricated steel aircraft hangar to suit the needs of any aircraft owner.

Steel Aircraft Hangars

Picked up a Piper Cub or other vintage plane that you want to restore? A hangar will protect it, and you, from the elements. Bought a new or used turboprop or jet aircraft? The last thing you want is to leave such an expensive craft out in the open where unauthorized personnel can have access to it.

Prefab aircraft hangars are the solution. Prefabricated hangars keep your investment safe from rain, hail, windstorms or snowstorms. They protect you and your mechanics from the heat of the sun or the cold of winter while you’re working on a restoration or conducting regular maintenance. And they help prevent theft or vandalism, two real dangers no matter in what part of the country you live.

And because they’re prefabricated, steel aircraft hangars from SteelCo Buildings can be ready in a matter of weeks to be drop-shipped across country to your location.  This saves you time and money in setting up your hangar or hangars.

Why Metal Aircraft Hangars?

Metal – in particular steel – has been the building component of choice for aircraft hangars for decades. Steel is a better choice than wood for a few reasons.

More room

Even the smallest aircraft hangar is quite large. Hangars constructed from wood will need several load-bearing supports throughout the building, which get in the way of your aircraft and other equipment! A steel hangar, on the other hand, can “clearspan” anywhere from 100 feet to 300 feet or even more, meaning there’s no need for any supports, and they can also be as high as you’d like, too. The average height for a hangar is 40 feet but we can give you a customized quote for a building taller than that if so desired.

Less maintenance

Wooden buildings are subject to insect infestation – specifically termites – which can do a lot of damage before you even realize it. To prevent this requires yearly visits from a pest control specialist, something that isn’t needed with steel airplane hangars.


With wooden structures, there’s always the danger of fire. Steel is inflammable – it doesn’t burn. This characteristic is reflected in insurance costs for wooden versus steel airplane hangars – they are typically much lower.

Types of metal aircraft hangars

When it comes to choosing a metal aircraft hangar, you have two choices – steel or aluminum. Aluminum weighs less than steel – but that means it is more easily damaged.

Steel is less expensive than aluminum. Steel does rust, which aluminum doesn’t, but that’s why SteelCo uses galvanized steel with a protective coating of paint over that in its prefab airplane hangars.

Why Choose Prefab Airplane Hangars from SteelCo Buildings

Customized Hangar Designs

SteelCo offers customized hangar sizes and hangar designs. Hangars can be “free standing” – they’ll consist of four walls, a door system and a roof.

Hangars can be any width (we’ll give you a customized quote for anything over 200 feet wide) and any length. Hangars can be used for storing or working on aircraft, helicopters or for any type of aviation equipment.

Door system

We also offer all the door systems possible for hangars, from bi-fold doors (which raise upward) to bottom rolling doors (which slide open to either side) to allow easy ingress and egress of planes; to walk through doors along the side to allow for easy ingress and egress of people.


Windows and skylights let in available light and can help improve the usability of the hangar.

Living/office quarters

If you’d like a hangar designed with an upstairs living quarters, or office, we can do that. Simply contact us and let us know your needs.


The whole point of a hangar is to protect your aircraft from the elements. Our hangars are designed to withstand windstorms as well as heavy ice or snow on the roof.

Your local area will have its own building codes. Our prefab aircraft hangars meet or exceed all business codes. We have the experience and we know what’s needed.


Depending on your location, you may or may not want your steel aircraft hangar to be insulated. If you wish your hangar to be insulation-ready, we can comply.

Drop Shipment Anywhere in the continental United States

Depending on the complexity of your hangar design, it can range anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to prefab every piece of equipment to our exacting specifications – and yours. Once everything is ready, it’s drop-shipped right to you. We will dropship your prefab aircraft hangar(s) anywhere in the continental United States.

Contractor Locator Help

At SteelCo, we not only manufacture our prefab steel airplane hangars but also erect them, if our clients are within 30 miles of our location.

Outside that geographic region, we will be happy to assist you in finding a qualified contractor to erect the hangar (or hangars) for you. We have a database of qualified contractors.

Having said that, our prefab steel aircraft hangars are manufactured in such a way that even skilled amateurs can put them together. Because an aircraft hangar must meet a variety of codes it’s typically best for a professional contractor to do the job.

Ready to Learn More?

We’re here at SteelCo Buildings whenever you’re ready to talk about what you need. We’ll start from the basics to learn exactly what your requirements are and then we’ll take you step-by-step through the whole process.

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