Do you need an agricultural building? A barn? A hayshed? A storage shed for all your expensive farming equipment? Are you debating whether or not you want a traditional wooden building or one made of steel? We’d like to weigh in on that debate.

Wood vs. Steel Agricultural Buildings

There’s much to be said for traditional wooden agricultural buildings.

  • They look charming, when they’re in good repair and covered in bright red paint.
  • They’re also traditional, and hearken back to a beloved past.

But there’s a reason why constructing agricultural buildings from steel is much more prevalent than constructing them from wood.

  • Less external maintenance.
    • Wooden buildings need to be painted every few years and sealed against the weather. You never need to paint a steel building
  • Less internal maintenance.
    • Wood is subject to insect infestation such as termites. The tiny little teeth of termites have no effect on steel beams.
    • Wooden supports sunk into the ground are subject to rot over the course of many years. Steel does not rot. And galvanized steel doesn’t rust.
    • With new construction techniques, average individuals can erect a steel building in less time than it takes to put together one of wood.

As suppliers of prefabricated steel buildings, we may be biased, but we think that a set of matching agricultural buildings crafted from steel look quite attractive. Especially when you consider that you can customize the exterior of any steel-framed agricultural building by adding brick or stucco facing.

SteelCo Buildings Inc. – Your Source for Top-Quality Steel-framed Agricultural Buildings

SteelCo has been supplying steel buildings, including agricultural buildings, to customers around the country since 2001. We do more than just supply buildings, of course. We consult with our clients and design the building they need to their exact specifications. We then ship these prefabricated metal buildings to their destination, where they can be put up with relative ease. That’s because our building components are pre-welded, pre-drilled and pre-punched at our factory.

Construction benefits of steel-framed agricultural buildings

When you order a pre-fabricated metal building from SteelCo, you receive materials that are “dimensionally stable,” meaning they aren’t going to expand, contract or warp when the temperature changes. As a result, when you put up your building, you’ll put up one with straight walls, square corners, and windows and doors that open and shut evenly and exactly. Every time.

In addition, steel buildings are non-flammable – meaning they don’t catch fire. As a result, steel barns cost less to ensure.

Steel-framed agricultural buildings

Livestock Barns

Whether you need a barn in which to store equipment or house livestock such as horses or cattle, a steel barn is the way to go. We customize steel barns to your exact requirements.

If your new barn is for livestock, you’ll want a hayloft to store hay, as well as windows for good ventilation and perhaps even sky-lights to allow natural light into the building. Depending on your location you’ll also want the barn to be easy to insulate to protect your valuable livestock from the extremities of cold weather. Whether your barn is for horses or for dairy cows, a well-lighted, well-ventilated and spacious interior is essential to help keep your livestock happy.

Hay sheds

Metal barn buildings such as hay sheds are economical to erect, and protect your hay from the elements. They also protect your livestock from the hay. Because hay is dusty, it can cause respiratory problems in your horses – and in humans as well.

Hay can also sometimes spontaneously combust, which is why insurers suggest that hay be stored in a different building from your livestock. Even if you keep your livestock in a steel barn, which won’t burn, the items inside the barn, including your livestock, certainly can.

As a matter of fact, wet hay is more apt to catch fire than dry hay, because the moisture starts a chemical reaction that produces heat. That’s why it’s essential to store hay in a location that protects it from the elements.

The term “shed” sounds rather economical, but just like metal barns, metal hay sheds can be customized to look quite attractive from the outside, with an efficiently designed interior to ensure ease of access to the hay.

Agricultural storage buildings

Expensive equipment, or even equipment that’s not so expensive, should be protected from the elements. It should also be stored in a location where each piece of equipment can be accessed easily, rather than jumbling everything together so one piece of equipment has to be moved out of the way to access a different piece of equipment.

Metal agricultural building come in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of any farm or ranch or other agricultural location. Storage buildings with large, roll-top doors are ideal to store tractors and other implements during the winter.

Metal barn buildings are versatile. They can be used as a separate tack room adjacent to your horse barn. You can store your hay or farming implements. And of course, the more cars you’ve got in them, the better!

Consult with Us

SteelCo has more than a decade of experience in customizing steel agricultural buildings for farmers and ranchers. Why not contact us today to discuss the merits of any type of agricultural building that you may require?

We ship our prefabricated metal buildings throughout the country, so it doesn’t matter where you live. We are happy to consult with you, learn your needs, and craft the exact building or buildings that you need.

Prefabricated metal buildings save you time to put up, save you money initially as well as over the course of time because of reduced maintenance needs, and keep your investments safe.

Contact us to discuss your needs today.

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