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When you hear the name SteelCo, it’s only natural to think of steel buildings. However, our pre-fab steel buildings, as strong, convenient, economical, versatile and energy-efficient as they may be, are only part of the SteelCo story. We also offer a full range of expert “Design/Build” general contracting services for any of a multitude of diverse projects.

Whether your plan is to construct a backyard garage or a truck fleet service center, a private storage shed or a public museum, a home pool house or a community recreation center, a mini-storage unit or an industrial warehouse, a modest strip retail center or an upscale mega-mall, a small neighborhood church or a massive Gothic cathedral, or… SteelCo has the expertise, experience, creativity and capabilities to oversee your project from concept to completion.

We can build for any purpose: business, storage, automotive, marine, heavy equipment to garden tools, agricultural, equestrian, aviation, worship, education, manufacturing, housing… You name it; we can handle it.
There are two equally smooth routes to your SteelCo custom building:

Custom Steel Buildings

Once upon a time, steel buildings were seen as useful but not what you would call much in the way of looks, so they were mostly confined to drab purposes where their drab looks would not work against them.
Today, that conception is as up-to-date as an eight-track tape deck in an AMC Pacer. Steel buildings have come into their own, with new expressions of sharp visual appeal to match their classic inner strength, not to mention that the times have finally caught up to their durability, flexibility, energy-efficiency, ease of construction and time-honored economy. These days, you’re as likely to see steel construction in a trendy mansion as in a waterfront warehouse.
The rest of the construction world may have just caught on, but we at SteelCo had a head start—not only in our knowledge, experience and expertise, but also in specialized steel building design, with which we can shape them to cut the edges of any stylistic envelope.

Thanks to the interchangeability of the components, SteelCo steel buildings are far more versatile than traditional structures, making it far easier and far less expensive to expand, reconfigure and re-purpose your building as your needs grow or change.
Yet this versatility can also be dressed up to look as sharp and stylish as any custom building. The clean, angular lines are perfect palettes for brick or stucco façades, wood accents, tile roofs, or any stylistic upgrade–all for less money and less hassle than with traditional methods.

And as a capper, because SteelCo purchases steel components in volume, we qualify for special discounted rates from suppliers. And unlike too many companies these days, we pass those savings on to you.
Custom steel buildings for high-profile assignments may still be a tough concept for some people to accept, but when you give the assignment to SteelCo, you’ll convince them with the results.

Design/Build General Contracting

SteelCo has steel in our name and in our hearts, but sometimes you’ve got to have a little variety to keep things interesting. And with as much design and building talent as we have on staff, we sometimes have to apply those talents to different materials.

At SteelCo, we can design/build with any material: modern steel or traditional brick, European stucco or Early American wood frame. And we can build on any site within the state of Georgia, and can match you with one of our many trusted partners for projects outside the state.

Our turn-key projects team is experienced, college-educated, and possessed of cutting-edge expertise, so we welcome any challenge to take the craft of building design and construction outside the lines.
Whether you want to bring a unique, entrepreneurial edge to your business home, construct a school as advanced as your progressive teaching methods or as classic as your alma mater’s tradition, raise a church that will inspire new devotion in your congregation, build a home that will become a true family heirloom, or fulfill any other purpose that calls for design imagination and construction skill above and beyond the ordinary, bring your vision to the visionaries at SteelCo, and let us bring that vision to life.

When it’s a Question of Custom Design and Building, SteelCo is Your Answer.

If you’re looking for professional, versatile, economical assistance in designing and constructing a custom building in any shape, size, or material, and for any purpose, look to SteelCo. We want to become your new custom in custom building.


“Why should I choose SteelCo for my upcoming projects over all those other building companies?”
That’s a good question, and we’ve got a very good answer. In short, you should go with SteelCo for the simple reason that doing business with us gives you a list of advantages that we frankly believe the other guys can’t match.
At SteelCo, we prefer to follow the wise advice of President Teddy Roosevelt, to “speak softly and carry a big stick.” In other words, we don’t concentrate on dazzling you with words, but with results. And so, in plain, straightforward language, here are just some of the advantages of SteelCo steel buildings.

Standard SteelCo Features feel like Custom Upgrades
In some ways, steel buildings are like cars: it seems as though all the really cool features-the ones you really want-are tacked on as options, which of course cost extra.

And once you start adding on a few options, the price tag can really start climbing. Unfair? Maybe, but that’s the name of the game, and it’s a game that some steel building manufacturers can play very well.

The base price of the structure will sound economical, but when it comes to adding on components that would make the buildingmore functional, durable, lasting and/or comfortable, you are entering the option zone, which can place you in a whole new dimension of price. At SteelCo, however, we keep our prices down to earth by considerably reducing the dimensions of the option zone. Our steel buildings come complete with a list of standard features that many of our competitors would make available only as added-price options, including:

  • 26-gauge metal PBR (Purlin Bearing Rib) panels, made with a unique overhanging lip that provides a stronger, better seal against water leakage and ensures that once your building is closed, it is closed tight
  • WMP-VR insulation-the fastest-recovery insulation available- manufactured with a thread running through the vinyl backing to prevent minor tears from ripping entirely through the insulation and rendering it useless
  • Lifetime fasteners, which are impervious to rust that can bleed and contaminate the building’s metal sheets

For more information on these and other superior-quality SteelCo steel building features, see “Specs and Accessories”.

There are no Substitutes for Quality Service at SteelCo
Even if this has never happened to you, it has probably happened to someone you know. You go to a company, speak with a friendly salesman who has all the right answers and convinces you of the product’s unmatched features, benefits and quality, the company’s equally unmatched service before, during and after the sale, and of your own good fortune in finding a knowledgeable “personal contact” and a company you can trust with your hard-earned money, only to discover after the sale that your trusted personal contact is no longer available to address questions or service issues, and that you have been relegated to the company’s Service Department and an overworked “Service Buddy” who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know your order and, worse, doesn’t care.

Congratulations! You’ve become just another contract number on the list, waiting for attention like everyone else despite the fact that you were given special, “preferred customer” status and an exclusive passport for extra-fast, personalized service through eternity by your friendly salesman.

Nightmares like this don’t happen at SteelCo. For one thing, we don’t even have a “Customer Service” department. Instead, every expert at SteelCo is a customer service department, familiar with all our products and services, and responsible for the consistent and ultimate satisfaction of every customer with whom they work.

When you first contact SteelCo, you speak with a steel building expert who truthfully answers your questions, honestly addresses your concerns, and works directly with you to select the best structure for your needs and purposes, calculate a fair, reasonable price, and arrange a delivery and/or construction schedule. Then comes the amazing part: the next time you contact us, and every time thereafter, you work with the same expert as the first time-a steel building expert who remembers you, remembers your order, and remembers your concerns, schedule and other critical details-and who takes all those details into account to address whatever issues, concerns, etc., you need to discuss.

In other words, at SteelCo, we don’t pass you around like a football to whoever has the assignment or the time to attend to customers who have already made their purchases but still insist on coming around to make extra work. You as a customer are the most important concern at SteelCo, and we ensure that you have a single contact who knows you, knows your business with us, and cares enough to make certain that you are satisfied with our products and services every step of the way. Since you are spending your time and money to work with us on a personal basis, we figure it’s only right to return the favor.

You can Tell a lot about Our Company by the Company We Keep
With many steel building companies, you have to take their quality on faith. After all, how are you supposed to know that they can deliver all the quality and service at rock-bottom prices they promise if there are no reliable sources to confirm their claims? With a SteelCo building, however, you can take our superior quality and service on faith because there are some very reliable sources to vouch for our record of delivering what we promise. SteelCo is a highly professional company. We take pride in our professionalism, and we are not afraid to put it to the test.

For example, we work only with manufacturers that are members of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) – a nationwide professional organization dedicated to quality manufacturing, construction and service. The MBMA has very exacting standards for membership, and does not accept steel building manufacturers that do not measure up to those standards.
Each of our manufacturers is also certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), the organization that sets the standards by which steel building manufacturers are measured.

To gain this certification, a company must be closely inspected by AISC auditors. These detail-driven professionals who are extremely experienced in fabrication, confirm that the company’s personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, capabilities and commitment are sufficient to produce quality steel buildings before it can be certified. Then, even after the manufacturer is certified, it must pass an annual review to verify that it is maintaining the rigorous AISC standards, and to allow the auditors to identify any outstanding quality issues and recommend measures for improvement.

SteelCo Helps Balance your Budget without Short Cuts
Let’s face it: the nation’s economy and our own personal economies are a little, shall we say, uncertain these days, and all of us are looking for the best possible quality and utility at the lowest possible price. This is as true for steel buildings as for any other commodity, and the situation may be with us for some time to come. Does this mean that if you need or want a steel building for business, hobby or other purposes, that you should instantly grab the lowest price advertised, no matter what? Definitely not.

The lowest-priced steel building is probably not the best value for your needs. Rock-bottom prices usually signal a reduced level of quality, with lower standards of materials, workmanship, or both, and increased risks that the building will not be as strong, durable, and resistant to the elements as it could, or should, be.

If such short cuts in quality save you a few dollars for a structure that has a shorter lifespan, or which allows moisture, pests, mold or other harmful forces inside to damage or even ruin your valuable possessions, is it worth the trade-off? We don’t think so, and we don’t think you do, either.

SteelCo may not have the absolute lowest prices on the steel building market, and we frankly don’t want to, because it would mean that we have compromised our quality and, even worse, violated your trust.
As you can see from our top-grade features, service, and manufacturing partners, quality is SteelCo’s primary mission, and if it costs a little more to deliver that quality, our customers have convinced us it is well worth it.

A SteelCo steel building is stronger, more durable, better equipped, better constructed, has better, more deluxe standard features, and will last and do its job for far longer, with less need for repairs, than cheaper steel buildings. Yet even with all the superior, certified quality a SteelCo building offers, our prices are extremely competitive. In brief, a SteelCo steel building is a remarkable value and a remarkably well-made structure for a remarkable variety of purposes. What more can any budget ask for?

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