SteelCo Turn-Key Projects

When you hear the name SteelCo, it’s only natural to think of steel buildings. However, our pre-fab steel buildings, as strong, convenient, economical, versatile and energy-efficient as they may be, are only part of the SteelCo story. We also offer a full range of expert “Design/Build” general contracting services for any of a multitude of diverse projects.

Whether your plan is to construct a backyard garage or a truck fleet service center, a private storage shed or a public museum, a home pool house or a community recreation center, a mini-storage unit or an industrial warehouse, a modest strip retail center or an upscale mega-mall, a small neighborhood church or a massive Gothic cathedral, or SteelCo has the expertise, experience, creativity and capabilities to oversee your project from concept to completion.

We can build for any purpose: business, storage, automotive, marine, heavy equipment to garden tools, agricultural, equestrian, aviation, worship, education, manufacturing, housing. You name it, we can handle it.

There are two equally smooth routes to your SteelCo custom building:

Custom Steel Buildings

Once upon a time, steel buildings were seen as useful but not what you would call much in the way of looks, so they were mostly confined to drab purposes where their drab looks would not work against them. Today, that conception is as up-to-date as an eight-track tape deck in an AMC Pacer. Steel buildings have come into their own, with new expressions of sharp visual appeal to match their classic inner strength, not to mention that the times have finally caught up to their durability, flexibility, energy-efficiency, ease of construction and time-honored economy. These days, you’re as likely to see steel construction in a trendy mansion as in a waterfront warehouse.


The rest of the construction world may have just caught on, but we at SteelCo had a head start—not only in our knowledge, experience and expertise, but also in specialized steel building design, with which we can shape them to cut the edges of any stylistic envelope.


Thanks to the interchangeability of the components, SteelCo steel buildings are far more versatile than traditional structures, making it far easier and far less expensive to expand, reconfigure and re-purpose your building as your needs grow or change. Yet this versatility can also be dressed up to look as sharp and stylish as any custom building. The clean, angular lines are perfect palettes for brick or stucco façades, wood accents, tile roofs, or any stylistic upgrade–all for less money and less hassle than with traditional methods.


And as a capper, because SteelCo purchases steel components in volume, we qualify for special discounted rates from suppliers. And unlike too many companies these days, we pass those savings on to you.


Custom steel buildings for high-profile assignments may still be a tough concept for some people to accept, but when you give the assignment to SteelCo, you’ll convince them with the results.

Design/Build General Contracting

SteelCo has steel in our name and in our hearts, but sometimes you’ve got to have a little variety to keep things interesting. And with as much design and building talent as we have on staff, we sometimes have to apply those talents to different materials.

At SteelCo, we can design/build with any material: modern steel or traditional brick, European stucco or Early American wood frame. And we can build on any site within the state of Georgia, and can match you with one of our many trusted partners for projects outside the state.

Our turn-key projects team is experienced, college-educated, and possessed of cutting-edge expertise, so we welcome any challenge to take the craft of building design and construction outside the lines.

Whether you want to bring a unique, entrepreneurial edge to your business home, construct a school as advanced as your progressive teaching methods or as classic as your alma mater’s tradition, raise a church that will inspire new devotion in your congregation, build a home that will become a true family heirloom, or fulfill any other purpose that calls for design imagination and construction skill above and beyond the ordinary, bring your vision to the visionaries at SteelCo, and let us bring that vision to life.

SteelCo's Competitive Advantages

At SteelCo, we prefer to follow the wise advice of President Teddy Roosevelt, to “speak softly and carry a big stick.” In other words, we don’t concentrate on dazzling you with words, but with results. And so, in plain, straightforward language, here are just some of the advantages of SteelCo steel buildings.

Custom Upgrades

Our steel buildings come complete with a list of standard features that many of our competitors would make available only as added-price options.

Quality Service

We challenge ourselves to know our products and services, keep our promises, remain on schedule, look presentable, stay current with the industry and do the best possible job every day with every customer.


Each manufacturer SteelCo works with is a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) - highly respected organizations dedicated to ensuring that the steel building company you deal with is qualified and reputable.

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