General Contractors You Can Trust

SteelCo Buildings, Inc. At SteelCo, we pride ourselves on being so much more than just another general contracting firm. We’re true partners in the most literal sense – one that is every bit as invested in the success of our clients and their projects as they are themselves. One of the most important things to […]

SteelCo’s General Contracting Services: The Highest Standard

Since our formation in 2001, SteelCo Buildings, Inc. has been making history in the steel building and construction industries. From selling our 250th unit in 2003 to being awarded Best of Newton’s “Best Contractor” in 2019, our team has worked tirelessly to build a positive reputation since we first opened our doors. SteelCo’s general contracting […]

Construction Services for Your Building Needs

Obtaining a building that is suitable for your needs may feel like a daunting process. You have the vision in your mind of how you want the building to look and all the features that you want inside it. Yet it can be difficult to articulate that idea to make the concept a reality. It […]

Georgia Business Is Booming

The past few years have been dramatic in the real estate industry. All around the country, homeowners are selling their properties to take advantage of record high home prices.  As a result, the Georgia residential and commercial real estate market is booming! How good is it? Well, as of mid-last year, prices for existing homes […]

Providing General Contracting Services to Corporations and Communities in Georgia

While our clients and customers know us at SteelCo Buildings as the go-to source when they need a well-made prefabricated steel building for their property, we are constantly getting involved in community-based products in the state of Georgia. SteelCo has extensive experience in the metal building industry, which means we get a lot of requests […]

What to Look For In a General Contractor

When you’re hiring a general contracting service, it’s important to hire a general contractor with a good reputation, years of experience, and excellent customer service. When you’re hiring a contractor to install a structure and make changes to your residential or commercial property, it’s important to interview multiple contractors until you find the right professional […]

SteelCo For Your General Contractor Service Needs

One of the best ways to streamline your Georgia construction project is to hire the talented general contracting team here at SteelCo Buildings, Inc. In addition to offering steel buildings and steel building designs, we are proud to offer an array of general contracting services. An experienced general contractor can benefit your project, let’s take […]

The Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor from SteelCo Buildings

Looking for the most qualified general contractor to help with your building project? We don’t just offer steel buildings and steel building design at SteelCo Buildings—we also offer design and build general contracting services. Why choose to work with one of our general contracting team members? We’ve pulled together some of the most noteworthy benefits […]

The Importance of a General Contractor for Your Georgia Building Construction Project

When you want to add a pool house to your Georgia home’s outdoor entertainment area, construct a community rec center in your mountain town, expand your business with an industrial warehouse, or even start a small community church – your first step in breaking ground is hiring a dependable and knowledgeable general contractor for your […]

Working With Our General Contracting Team

When you have an important project that needs to be completed at your home or office, choosing the right contractor is essential. With the wrong contractor, you may end up paying an unreasonable amount of money for the project, or you may even become the victim of a scam. Likewise, not all general contractors will […]

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