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   Our steel is commercial grade.

   Our pricing is hard to beat!

   A+ on BBB and 5 star rating around the web.

   15 successful years of designing and building prefabricated steel structures.

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How did you hear about us?  


History is a funny thing. While most of the history we read about in school is the story of big events, most real history is made by ordinary people taking everyday steps to build their lives and their dreams.

Here at SteelCo, our history is a combination of evolution and intelligent design. We began with a vision, worked hard to make it come true, and continue working hard to make our quality products and services even better.


SteelCo was founded in 2001 and from the first moment, we began making history in the steel building industry.

Every SteelCo customer from the beginning saw the difference between us and the other guys—the care, quality and attention to detail that went into each SteelCo building, and our reputation began to spread.

As SteelCo evolved and grew, we marked significant dates along the way:

  • About Us
    2001: SteelCo Buildings incorporated
  • About Us
    2003: Sell 250th unit
  • About Us
    2005: Finish construction of/and relocate to new SteelCo building. Sell our 500th unit.
  • About Us
    2006: Awarded Dick James Small Business of the Year for Newton County.
  • About Us
    2007: Sell our 1000th unit
  • About Us
    2010: Build local school, Peachtree Academy in only 5 weeks
  • About Us
    2011: Awarded Outstanding Support Organization by National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials.


We at SteelCo are helping rewrite the history of the American steel building industry—from its humble beginnings to its current phenomenal success, acclaimed for its new breed of structures of superior design, workmanship and versatility; ready to go head-to-head with any “traditional” building format—and ready to win.

In short, we are still looking ahead. And from what we see, the future looks bright as the sun.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our great new product line—and join us at SteelCo as we continue building a strong, durable foundation for the 21st century.


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SteelCo Management

It takes a great team of people to build a great company, and here at SteelCo, we’ve got a true championship-caliber crew.
They might look like average, ordinary people, and they are, but with one crucial difference: they have steel coursing through their veins, which makes them “Steelers” in the truest sense of the word, and which makes them perfect players for the SteelCo team.
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our staff.
Jay Bailey

Jay Bailey

Brooke McClure

Brooke McClure

Whitney Adkins

Whitney Adkins

Andrew Phillips

Andrew Phillips

Cody Marks

Cody Marks

Mike Wilbanks

Mike Wilbanks

Paul Gourley

Paul Gourley


We are a little old-fashioned in some ways at SteelCo: we believe in old-fashioned things like quality, hard work and, most of all, values. Our Core Values are at the heart of our company and the way we do business. And like our company, there is solid steel at that heart. These values are not just words, but beliefs, and a major part of the reason why SteelCo is a strong company, and getting stronger every day. They are:


Have you ever done business with someone who didn’t know his products, was always late, forgot and/or broke promises, looked sloppy, didn’t keep up with new trends in his industry, and in general did a poor job? If you’re like most of us, you probably have. If you think about it, the main problem with such people is a lack of discipline, and it can ruin a business relationship-or even a business. At SteelCo, discipline is an essential part of the job. Not military or dog-training discipline, but a discipline with which we challenge ourselves to know our products and services, keep our promises, remain on schedule, look presentable, stay current with the industry and, in general, do the best possible job every day, with every customer. It isn’t always easy to keep yourself at the top of your game, but we have the discipline to do so, and to keep pushing ourselves to new levels of responsiveness, expertise, and trustworthiness. In short, we value discipline because we value our customers.


The success of a business largely depends on establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with its customers. That is doubly true here at SteelCo. We must prove to our customers every day that we are not only experts in our field, but that we are consistently honest, ethical and completely above-board. A slick salesperson can sometimes make some extra money by talking customers into buying more, or more expensive, items or services than they need; but it’s the business that ends up paying the price. It doesn’t take long for customers to figure out when they’ve been had, and the business loses them forever because it has broken their trust. And trust is like a wheel; once it’s broken, it can’t be fixed. At SteelCo, we refuse to jeopardize our customers’ trust in us. If an economical item better suits a customer’s needs than a more expensive one, we will tell them. If an item is unnecessary to the customer, we will explain why. But we will not throw in lots of extras just to run up the bill. Truthfulness and honesty may sometimes mean a little less business today, but it builds a relationship of trust that means more and better business tomorrow, and for a long time to come. At SteelCo, we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Trust and integrity go hand in hand, and we at SteelCo are solidly pledged to upholding both values. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in the integrity we demand of our partner companies. Each manufacturer SteelCo works with is a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) and is certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)-highly respected organizations dedicated to ensuring that the steel building company you deal with is qualified and reputable. Every AISC-certified company is thoroughly investigated to ensure it has the personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, capability and commitment to do the job-and do it right. And yearly reviews by AISC auditors ensure that the company maintains-and strengthens-its commitment to quality. Quality, in this sense, means not only quality products, but also quality of business practices. In other words: integrity. SteelCo’s manufacturers would not qualify for AISC certification or MBMA membership if they did not adhere to a strict code of integrity-and they would not be working with SteelCo.


There are lots of jokes about dishonesty in business, but frankly we at SteelCo don’t find them very funny. We take honesty in every phase and facet of our business very seriously, and we have no patience or place at SteelCo for anyone who does not feel the same. When you deal with SteelCo, you can rest assured that you will get honest value for an honest price, honest recommendations, honest transactions and honest service. We do not-and will not-ever resort to lying, cheating, stealing, misleading, misinforming, mispricing, secretly substituting merchandise, charging for work not performed, overcharging for goods or services, colluding with customers or vendors to perform dishonest acts, or even “bending the rules” concerning such acts. Our good name and good relationships with customers and vendors means a great deal to us at SteelCo, and we will not jeopardize them by committing, enabling or ignoring unethical or illegal activities in any aspect of our business. Honest.

Community Involvement

We at Steelco are proud citizens of the Covington/Oxford, Newton County Georgia community. We don’t only work here, but live, shop, play, socialize and raise our families here. We owe our community a lot for our success, and our corporate and personal involvement in local civic, cultural and charitable organizations and events is one small way we show our appreciation and support. We believe that a business has a larger responsibility to its community than simply doing business. A business is a member of society, and can never be truly successful unless and until it contributes to the good of that society. Our friends, family and neighbors mean everything to us at SteelCo, and we are proud that our involvement in the community can help enrich their lives.

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