13 Uses for Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are an incredibly versatile construction solution that can be used for a wide range of purposes. From industrial warehouses to residential garages, steel buildings provide the ideal design solution to any application: Steel buildings offer superior protection, strength, and versatility – making them the ideal design choice for any project. With customizable designs, […]

Famous Metal Building Structures

While wood constructed buildings have been the norm for generations, metal building construction has trended rapidly for over 150 years. Throughout the world, we have some of the most iconic and majestic metal building structures that have withstood the test of time. These architectural innovations have taken advantage of the strength and durable properties found […]

Metal Building Statistics: A Rapidly Growing Industry

In the past, most metal building construction was reserved for some commercial and industrial operations. Yet the market has slowly entered more public, government, and residential use, as we see metal buildings at recreational areas, public parks, home garages, storage sheds and many other uses. The market has experienced rapid growth for several decades, even […]

The Function and Versatility of Custom Metal Buildings

If you’re planning on constructing something like an agricultural building, an aircraft hangar, an industrial building or even a garage or shed on your private property, there are two distinct options available to you. The first involves traditional construction which – while common – has a number of clear disadvantages. In addition to being expensive […]

Buildings: Wood vs Metal vs Plastic

One of the most fundamental decisions to make when constructing a new building is simply what material to use. Modern buildings are usually constructed of metal, wood, or (sometimes) plastic. If you’re about to construct a new building, here are some of the advantages that each building material offers. Classic Appearance: Wood The most classic-looking […]

Companies Are Turning to Prefab Steel Warehouses for Their Storage Needs

Depending on the type of products a company has in inventory, or the kind of services they provide, they might need a storage building that’s a lot larger than average. For example, they may be looking for one that offers easy entry and exit for multiple vehicles, or even for something far oversized, like heavy […]

Why Your Next Agricultural Building Should Be Steel

There have been mind-boggling advancements in agriculture in the past 20 years alone.  Autonomous tractors, automated harvesting, advanced weather capabilities, and drones are just a few. Many embrace this technology because it makes farming more effective, efficient, and profitable. But when it comes to adding or replacing a barn or other agricultural structure, many of […]

Multipurpose Steel Buildings for Residential Use

As a homeowner, you can have a lot of things on your property and not enough places to store all the items. Many outdoor possessions can range from lawn and garden equipment, farm equipment, extra vehicles, and recreational equipment. However, you may not have the space or desire to store them in a garage. Your […]

10 Surprising Facts About Steel Buildings

When it comes to steel buildings, there are lots of myths that aren’t really true. The actual facts about the versatility and durability of steel buildings may surprise you! 1. You Can Put Them Together Yourself Unlike traditional wood buildings, steel metal buildings can be put together by the owner. Most people believe that steel […]

Building Solutions for Storage

When you’re building a storage facility, it’s important to prioritize functionality and utility. Steel buildings are strong, affordable and have low maintenance requirements, which is what makes them a preferred building material for storage units. To run a profitable business and ensure that it will meet the needs of your clients, here’s what you need […]

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