Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Steel Building

Steel buildings are a long-term investment due to their durability. However, they do require maintenance and care in order to stay in good condition and reach their expected lifespan. The following tips can help ensure that your steel building lasts for decades.

Add Insulation as Needed

Condensation in your steel building can lead to moisture buildup and increase the risk of deterioration. Making sure that your building has enough insulation helps prevent condensation from occurring. Insulation keeps the interior of your steel building at a comfortable temperature and keeps outside humidity and moisture from entering. Check the insulation in your building, and add more as needed, such as in areas that have low amounts of insulation or areas that are prone to drafts from outdoor air.

Perform Routine Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

Steel buildings aren’t easily damaged, but they should be regularly inspected to see if any repairs are needed. Plan on inspecting and performing preventative maintenance on your steel building roughly every 6 months. You should check for signs of damage after storms as well. Preventative maintenance and inspections help you keep track of any issues with your building, so you can address them right away. Keep a record of all inspection findings and any repairs that are done.

Repair Damage Promptly

Whether you find scratches on your steel building or a small gap in the wall, it’s important to make repairs as soon as possible. Leaving even minor damage alone can end up causing more widespread or severe damage to your building. For example, a small hole or gap might turn into a bigger one, or it might allow moisture to get into your building. When you check your building after storms or as part of routine maintenance, make note of any repairs that are needed, so you can get to them right away.

Prevent Water Damage

Puddles of rain or snow near the foundation of your steel building can cause structural issues if water damage builds up over time. Snow on your roof can also put significant strain on it, which can lead to structural problems. Exposure to water can also put your steel building at risk of developing rust. Make sure that your drainage system prevents rain or snow from accumulating near your foundation. Keep the roof of your steel building clear of snow, especially after heavy snowstorms.

Trim Branches and Hedges

Although steel buildings are highly durable, tree branches, bushes, and hedges can scratch their surface. Trim branches on trees that overhang your steel building to prevent this from happening and to lower the risk of having them fall onto the roof during storms. Keep bushes or hedges close to your building trimmed, so that they don’t come into contact with the exterior. Having hedges or bushes right up against your steel building can trap moisture and cause mold to grow. They can also exert significant pressure on your building as they grow, which might cause structural problems.

Clean the Exterior

The inside and outside of your steel building can become dirty over time. A low-pressure power washer can remove grime from the exterior of your building, leaving it looking shiny again. A thorough cleaning of the exterior helps get rid of fungus, mold, dirt, and other kinds of stains while also keeping your building in good condition. Check the exterior on a regular basis for signs of dirt or grime buildup, and clean it as often as needed.

Clear Gutters and Drains

The gutters and drains on your property are an important part of keeping water from damaging your steel building. Clogged drains or gutters lead to water buildup, which can cause mold growth or rust. Keep your gutters and drains free of twigs, branches, leaves, and other debris, so rain can flow through your gutter system and be directed away from your foundation. You should do this in spring and fall or after storms if needed. This helps ensure proper drainage when it rains or snows.

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