10 Surprising Facts About Steel Buildings

When it comes to steel buildings, there are lots of myths that aren’t really true. The actual facts about the versatility and durability of steel buildings may surprise you!

1. You Can Put Them Together Yourself

Unlike traditional wood buildings, steel metal buildings can be put together by the owner. Most people believe that steel buildings need to be put together by the pre-fab company that sells them. But if you have the construction equipment and skills necessary, you and/or your contractors can buy a steel building kit from Steel Metal Building Company and do the job yourself!

2. The Uses For Steel Buildings Are Infinite

Once you start keeping an eye out for steel buildings where you live, you’ll find that they are everywhere. That’s because the uses for steel buildings are unlimited. Steel buildings are used for storage facilities, swimming pools, retail buildings, shopping malls, distribution centers, churches, poultry housing, workshops, industrial uses and much more!

3. Private Owners Can Have Their Own Steel Building

A lot of people think that steel buildings are only for commercial use by big companies. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, one of the most common uses for steel buildings is on private land. Homeowners have used steel buildings as hay storage areas, barns for housing farm animals, garage and hobby workshops, and even as a second residence for visiting family and friends!

4. Steel Buildings Can be Insulated

When you think of using a steel building as a residence, your first thought is probably insulation. In fact, insulation is not a problem with steel buildings. Through the use of rigid boards, or foam boards, insulation can keep a steel building comfortably cool or warm, as the case may be. In fact, insulting steel buildings is very common and also helps to minimize noise from the outside.

5. Steel Buildings Can be Used as Private Homes

There are many who have purchased steel buildings and use them as private homes. Since steel buildings can be insulated, this makes them appropriate for occupancy, even in colder climates. It may surprise you to know that many people have opted for the uniqueness of using a steel building for their own private residence.

6. Steel Buildings Are Cheaper Than Wood Construction

The price of new home construction has gone through the roof. Considering the stability, durability and convenience of steel buildings, it would be natural to assume that steel buildings are cost prohibitive. But that’s not the case. In fact, steel buildings are much more economical than wood construction. While one might easily expect to pay over $130 per square foot for wood construction, a brand new steel building can be bought and installed for about half of that.

7. Steel Buildings Are Ideal For Places of Worship

Every community deserves to have a place for residents to come together and worship. But not all communities have the financial means to build grand places of worship with brick and mortar. Steel buildings are ideal for places of worship because they can be erected quickly, are economical, customizable and cheaper to insure. That’s cost-savings all around!

8. You Don’t Have to Know a Construction Company

While steel buildings can be erected by the purchaser, that’s not to say you have to know a construction company to get the job done. Steel Metal Building Company offers construction services in addition to pre-fab steel buildings, so you can get everything you need to have your own steel building in a turnkey way. Let us do the heavy lifting!

9. Steel Buildings Come in Colors Besides Gray

When you purchase a prefab steel building, you don’t have to settle for a gray color. In fact, you can order in a range of attractive colors that will complement any palette that you have in mind or that already exists where you plan to erect the steel building. And, you’ll be happy to know that the actual paint coatings actually contribute to the durability of the buildings and even the ability to keep things cooler on the interior during warmer months!

10. Steel Buildings Are Highly Customizable

The interior and exterior of steel buildings doesn’t have to be just a plain old rectangle. Your new steel building is highly customizable, with interior twists and turns and walls so that it accommodates whatever use you have in mind for it. Just work with our design build team and customize to your heart’s content.

Steel buildings can be used for so many purposes because of their durability, economic cost, versatility, ability to be customized and much more. If you have a need for shelter of any kind, contact us and see if a steel building might be the answer that you’re looking for.


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