Multipurpose Steel Buildings for Residential Use

As a homeowner, you can have a lot of things on your property and not enough places to store all the items. Many outdoor possessions can range from lawn and garden equipment, farm equipment, extra vehicles, and recreational equipment. However, you may not have the space or desire to store them in a garage. Your garage may already be stuffed to the ceiling with items, or you may want to keep the things separate from your regular garage things.

A multipurpose steel building could be the answer you are looking for when you need instant storage space. These buildings come in a range of sizes to accommodate different property dimensions and the number of items that you want to store inside. Since they are prefabricated, installation is simple as the all the materials arrive at the location in the right sizes as all you have to do is follow the building instructions to put the pieces together.

What items you may want to store in the steel building can vary. Here are several things that you may want to protect from the elements while still being able to get the items easily whenever you desire them.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

A steel building is the perfect place to store lawn and garden equipment. You may store rakes, shovels, lawn mowers, hedge clippers, and sidewalk edgers. A small steel building can also hold all the organic materials used to take care of your lawn, flower beds, and gardens. It can hold fertilizers, lawn seed, plant bulbs, lawn chemicals, and plant food. Before storing any types of fertilizers and chemicals in the building, always read the manufacturers’ labels on the items regarding the proper storage and ventilation needs.

Deck, Patio, and Pool Equipment

Some items are too bulky to always be carrying from the house and across the yard to use. When you have chairs, tables, lounge sofas, and other items, a steel building is the perfect place to store these items. The recycled metal stands up to the elements while keeping everything inside dry and safe. You may decide to store patio furniture, pool cleaning equipment, pool toys and large outdoor toys in the building. When you are holding parties or outdoor family gatherings and need extra chairs and tables in a hurry, you can easily pull out the furniture and set it up anywhere in the yard.

Vehicles, Spare Parts, and Tools

You may have an assortment of vehicles on your property such as boats, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, antique cars, and junker cars. Leaving the items out in the open can lead to various issues. Vehicles exposed to the elements, especially junker cars or ones in poor condition, may experience extreme rusting and aging when left out in the rain, snow, or hot sun. A steel building comes in sizes of 5’x10′ up to 10′ x 30′ or more. They have various door system configurations depending on how you want to get your vehicles into and out of the building. You can also store tools, spare parts, or work benches when fixing up vehicles.

Farm and Agriculture Equipment

Having enough space for all your farm equipment can be difficult. While you want to keep everything stored in the barn or shed, there are times that you simply run out of available space when you are looking to expand the number of livestock you own or crops that you want to grow. A steel building provides instant space on demand and can be erected in the most suitable places. Store tractors, extra feed troughs, tractor attachments, rototillers, plows, saddles, animal feed, and other items inside these convenient sheds and buildings.

Endless Residential Storage Possibilities

There are many items that a residential homeowner can store in a steel building. Consider using one when you are looking to keep your items out of the weather and safely locked away from prying eyes. You may also consider using a steel building to keep your property tidy and to avoid issues when leaving items piled up in the yard for prolonged periods of time. Here at SteelCo Buildings, we offer steel and metal mini storage units, sheds, and large steel buildings for personal use. Keep the use of your yard and farm space while having a place to store all your possessions by using one of our prefab buildings. Contact us today to learn more.


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