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Obtaining a building that is suitable for your needs may feel like a daunting process. You have the vision in your mind of how you want the building to look and all the features that you want inside it. Yet it can be difficult to articulate that idea to make the concept a reality. It is at this point where SteelCo Buildings can help you with your construction needs. In addition to providing prefabricated steel and metal storage buildings, we are also licensed contractors and we offer a range of services to fit your particular construction needs.

Types of Construction Projects

Here at Steelco, we can handle large and small construction projects for residential and commercial properties. We are never hampered by the size and complexity of the project. Whether you are just looking for a steel garage or workshop in the backyard by your home or a large strip mall or industrial park, we can manage these projects from start ot finish. Types of construction projects that we typically manage include the following:

Residential Buildings

Residential buildings come in a variety of types. We specialize in Barndominiums, Workshops, Garages, and other custom-designed structures for your property.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings may range from simple shop options to warehouse spaces, industrial facilities, or mini storage facilities. SteelCo works with investors, property owners, developers, architects, and other parties to develop the building plans and provide the construction services suitable for corporate and industrial environments. The types of projects in this commercial space are truly unlimited and can accommodate a range of business functions that can further leverage and boost your operational capacities.

Public Buildings

Here at SteelCo, we also offer custom steel buildings and design/build general contracting services for local municipalities. We can construct museums, recreational centers, libraries, city pool buildings, park buildings, schools, and information buildings. No matter the purpose of the building, our construction services take into account the functions of the space as well as the needs of the public to construct a building that meets those needs and the budget.

Places of Worship

Buildings of worship have changed considerably over the years though one constant is to create a long-lasting structure for the congregation. Our general contractors will take every building element and function into consideration to develop the church, synagogue, or other places of worship to design specifications that are appropriate to you and your congregation’s needs.

Agricultural, Equestrian, and Livestock Buildings

There are many design considerations to take into account when building agricultural, equestrian, or livestock buildings. Ventilation, access, and waste disposal are key factors for these facilities, especially when it comes to housing live animals. SteelCo contractors draw on their years of experience in metal building and general contracting work to design agricultural, equestrian, and livestock buildings that will accommodate the storage of crops or animals for lengthy periods to time. We work with you from concept to completion to provide a fully functional building.

Trusted Residential and Commercial Construction Services

At SteelCo, we offer both custom steel buildings as well as design/build general contracting services. While our specialty is metal and steel buildings, we work with all types of building materials for all types of diverse building projects. Contact us today to discuss your next building project.


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