All You Need To Know About Steel Agricultural Buildings

In our steel agricultural buildings overview, we highlight the quick strengths these buildings present over their more traditional counterparts. When constructing an agricultural building, one of the first decisions is whether to build with wood or steel. While wood is certainly the traditional choice, the benefits of steel actually makes this building material a more common choice.

Steel vs. Wood for Agricultural Buildings

Classic Barn Look

There’s no denying that wood is the classic building material for most agricultural buildings, especially for barns. A red-and-white wood barn is beautiful and charming — so long as it’s well maintained.Custom-designed steel buildings enable us to mimic that classic barn look, including multiple color options.


That maintenance qualification for wood barns is a big one. There’s a saying in the construction industry — where there’s wood, there’s work. 

Wood requires continual attention, being painted every few years and sealed periodically against the elements. Even with diligent attention, wood barns are still susceptible to insect infestations (e.g. termites) and rotting supports in the ground.

Steel has none of these difficulties. It’s not susceptible to rot and insect damage, and galvanized steel buildings also won’t rust. You will need to keep your steel building clean though there is  little other work required to keep a steel agricultural building in good condition.

Of course, steel’s reduced maintenance requirements don’t just save you headaches and money. Less maintenance allows you to spend more time working on what the farm actually produces.

Initial Construction

Prefabricated steel is also easier and faster to construct. You don’t have to worry about all of the pitfalls that come with building with wood onsite as the prefabricated steel agricultural buildings from SteelCo come ready to assemble. The pieces come pre-welded, pre-punched and pre-drilled from the factory, so they just have to be matched up and fastened together.

Prefabricated steel buildings can be erected much faster than a comparable wood building which saves money and hassle.


Because steel isn’t combustible like wood, it’s also safer to use for agricultural buildings. This reduces the risk to crops, livestock and equipment, as you have more time to respond even if something does catch on fire.

The reduced fire risk that steel has is recognized by insurance companies. The premiums to insure an agricultural steel building are usually lower than those for similar wood ones.

Many Prefabricated Agricultural Steel Building Types

Prefabricated steel kits are available for a wide variety of agricultural buildings. You’ll find steel buildings for:

  • Livestock Barns: Steel buildings can be designed with a hayloft for easy feed storage, and large windows for good ventilation. Steel barns can be built as small or as large as they need to be.
  • Hay Sheds: Steel sheds can be designed for easy filling and access to hay, and the building doesn’t burn if hay catches on fire. Hay sheds can be for large or small farms and they can be customized for specific layouts.
  • Storage Buildings: Steel buildings can have large doors that allow large equipment to move in and out. Doors can be customized to the specific purpose of the building.

Any steel agricultural building can be customized to meet specific needs. They can be built large or small, with various interior features, and with many differently sized exterior doors and windows.

High-Quality Steel Agricultural Buildings

At SteelCo, we’ve been providing farms and other agricultural businesses with high-quality steel buildings for more than 20 years. We offer easy-to-assemble custom buildings that can be quickly erected on your land, and any of our buildings can be customized to suit your specific application. Whether you need a small agricultural building, a large one, or multiple buildings, we can work with you to design a solution that’s efficient and economical.

We hope our quick steel agricultural buildings overview provides useful information to apply towards your decision-making. To learn more about the agricultural steel buildings that are available, contact us today. A representative will be happy to answer any questions you have, and to begin working on a customized steel building tailored just for you.


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