Durable Flooring Ideas for Metal Building Interiors

durable flooring ideas for storage and distribution centers

Steel buildings are inexpensive to construct and made from durable materials, and the floors in these buildings should share those same qualities. There are several good flooring options that metal building contractors often recommend customers use in their steel buildings.

Finished Concrete for an All-Purpose Floor

While concrete is often left plain, it doesn’t have to be. Finished concrete floors have all the structural and economic benefits of concrete, but their given an aesthetic makeover that creates a much more pleasing look than unfinished plain concrete has. Finished concrete floors can be glazed, dyed, stained and even etched to create truly unique patterns.

When customers install finished concrete floors, metal building contractors frequently offer two finishing options. A colored topcoat can be applied after the concrete is installed to cover the grey material, or a pigmented concrete can be used. The latter option typically costs a little more, but it won’t show wear as much since the material is all the same color.

Waterproof Vinyl for a Wood or Tile Look

Waterproof vinyl is available in many different patterns, including both natural wood and tile patterns. Compared to these other flooring options, though, waterproof vinyl has much lower material and installation costs. It also doesn’t contract and expand with the seasons like wood does.

Waterproof vinyl is, of course, waterproof. The material isn’t quite as durable as finished concrete because vinyl can be ripped, but it will still last a long time and offers patterned looks that aren’t available with concrete.

Poured Resin for Maximum Affordability

Poured resin is a liquid that metal building contractors literally pour onto the floor area, and the material then hardens in place. Like concrete, poured resin can by dyed or given a pattern.

Poured resin is widely used in commercial and industrial metal buildings because the flooring is so inexpensive. It doesn’t cost a lot to install, and it’s perhaps the most durable of all flooring options. Even with sustained exposure to sunlight and lots of foot traffic, poured resin won’t show signs of wear for a very long time.

Poured resin floors are also seamless, which can be an advantage in certain situations. Warehouses that use robots to move goods, for example, may want seamless floors so that the machinery doesn’t trip.

Talk with a Metal Building Contractor About Your Building’s Floor

If you’re having a metal building installed, make sure you choose the right flooring option for your situation. To speak with a metal building contractor about these options, contact us.


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