The Longevity of Steel Buildings

Steel is a common material used in a variety of construction projects such as airplane hangars and industrial buildings. Property and business owners have a great deal to gain in the potential of a prefab steel building to meet their personal and professional needs. There are many advantages of steel, and those investing in steel buildings appreciate how long steel lasts. It makes sense why more people are choosing steel for their construction today.

What Happens to Steel

The use and End of life/Recycling phases have become increasingly important to companies and government agencies. Steel has been found to outperform other materials like wood and concrete as it applies to areas such as recycling. Only 1 percent of steel goes to landfills, while 58 percent of wood and 5 percent of concrete end up in that final destination. Steel does not get used up, as the steel in one structure can later be reused in other projects. Steel has become the number one recycled material in the United States, beating out glass, aluminum, plastic and paper combined.

Steel is considered to have life cycle advantages over other common construction materials as it helps with conservation efforts of natural resources, is known to be easily recyclable and offers low energy use. Some types of steel are shown to have lower greenhouse gas emissions, a benefit for those looking to build green. Long-lasting steel continues to work hard through multiple projects without any loss to its structural integrity.

More people are looking to understand the environmental performance of steel and other materials. Those looking to attain environmental, societal and economic sustainability appreciate the contribution steel has made within the construction industry. Many popular businesses, such as strip malls, retail stores and auto shops, rely upon the possibilities offered with a prefab steel building.

How Long Does Steel Last?

Galvanized steel can last generations. When specially treated, as is the case with galvanized steel, the material can last as much as 250 years with corrosion protection up to 75 years. Different surface treatments can alter expectations when it comes to corrosion. Predictions of the longevity of steel also depend on environmental variables. Speaking with a SteelCo associate can help a property owner learn more about how long steel can last in specific environmental conditions.

Why not choose an affordable and durable material for construction? A prefab steel building is an excellent option for those looking to reduce long-term maintenance expenses and make good use of a spacious structure. Get a prefab steel building erected from licensed and bonded subcontractors or do it yourself, depending on the complexity of the project. Sturdy steel has been used in the construction of affordable housing, barns, religious buildings, businesses and more.

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