Prefabricated Steel Churches: A Quick History & Benefits

It’s often said that the people with whom you worship and not the structure in which prayer occurs that is your church, synagogue or temple. Yet a shared worship center that is the right size for your congregation and its many activities makes gathering together easier.

When planning a new worship center, consider customizable prefabricated steel construction kits. They are durable, low-maintenance facilities that can be constructed more quickly and at much less cost than structures built completely on site.

Whether you prefer the high tech look of a simple yet sleek steel finish or customization to create a traditional looking facade, SteelCo can help your congregation. Furthermore, you will be part of a long tradition of metal churches.

History of Metal Churches

Cruising the internet for the history of metal churches is interesting and informative. You may find yourself taking virtual journeys to Bulgaria, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and Baja, Mexico. Here are some quick views:

Benefits of Steel Construction

Steel construction offers many benefits for today’s congregations from saving money to saving energy. It also presents unique capabilities for maximizing valuable design characteristics such as plentiful natural lighting and open floorplans.

Stretch your dollars. Prefabricated steel structures cost far less than facilities completely built completely on site. Money saved on construction can be applied to other worship center needs, such as staff, as well as community outreach work.

Let there be light and lovely sightlines. Modern steel is so strong, it easily spans distances much greater than wood beams can. This makes open, airy sanctuaries, fellowship halls, and large windows possible

Minimize maintenance. Steel surfaces, including roofs, need little maintenance. Forget about frequent repainting and re-roofing!

Go green. When properly constructed, steel buildings conserve energy both in hot and cold weather.

We’re Here to Help

SteelCo is ready to help you plan an affordable, attractive steel worship facility. Please contact us today.


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