What Are Some Winter Maintenance Tips for Steel Buildings?

Steel buildings are incredibly durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance in order to stay in good condition. However, ice and other kinds of winter weather can lead to damage, such as dents and leaks. With some preventative maintenance, you can make sure your steel building stays safe and protected from adverse weather all […]

Enhance Your Property With a New Metal or Steel Building

Whether you long for a place to store your riding mower for easier access or a home for all your craft supplies and tools, the answer to your desires may very well be a simple new outbuilding. Why Build on Your Property? When it comes to home expansions, most homeowners immediately jump to remodels and […]

5 Steps to Owning Your Own Metal Building

Metal buildings have a lot of benefits, from lower energy consumption to a longer lifespan. They also have decreased maintenance requirements compared to similar structures. Once you decide that a metal building is the right option to meet your needs, you may wonder how to start the process. Here, we provide a few general steps […]

Prefabricated Steel Building Design

Designing a steel building that is perfectly suited to your specific needs does not have to be difficult. When you work with the staff at SteelCo Buildings, Inc., you can be certain that you’ll get great advice from professionals who will put your best interests first. With two decades of experience, we have not only […]

How to Create Your Perfect Custom Steel Building Design

Whether you’re looking to build your dream garage or need to put up a commercial building for your business, a steel building can serve you well for years to come. Although that might bring visions of a basic steel frame and drab gray panels, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can go above […]

Why GALVALUME® Is a Superior Choice

First pioneered roughly two centuries ago, galvanization involves applying a rust-resistant protective zinc coating to iron or steel. The process involves dipping iron or steel into molten zinc to form a chemical bond between two metals and forming a crystalline layer over the surface of building materials.  GALVALUME® improves upon traditional galvanization to produce a […]

Steel Buildings for Projects of any Size

At SteelCo, we specialize in creating custom prefabricated steel and metal buildings for customers throughout Convington, Georgia and the surrounding area. No matter what your project entails – from a small and simple building such as a garage or workshop to large and complex structures such as industrial buildings and warehouses – you can count […]

Do you need a professional general contractor?

If you’re doing any type of construction, working with a professional general contractor is usually the best solution. You’ll be able to accomplish a number of items in your construction or renovation project without having to hire different teams. Here’s why: Professional general contractors have experience in construction for commercial and residential properties. Professional general […]

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Steel Building

From aircraft hangars, workshops, and horse arenas to storage buildings, churches, and warehouses – steel buildings are a popular choice for businesses in Georgia and around the U.S. It’s no surprise that the construction industry is seeing an increase in the sale of steel buildings, as they offer a variety of benefits that are attractive […]

Metal Buildings Essential for Building

The buildings that house essential businesses are essential buildings, and there’s one preferred type of construction for an essential building. If you own or operate an essential business that needs a new building, a metal building will offer advantages that traditional construction simply can’t match. General Benefits of Metal Buildings Before examining the specific benefits […]

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