Enhance Your Property With a New Metal or Steel Building

Whether you long for a place to store your riding mower for easier access or a home for all your craft supplies and tools, the answer to your desires may very well be a simple new outbuilding.

Why Build on Your Property?

When it comes to home expansions, most homeowners immediately jump to remodels and additions. Certainly, these are worthwhile building endeavors to pursue. More room in your living space is always a plus, and the bigger your home, the higher its potential value.

Often, however, what could really add value to your home — and lifestyle in general — is a simple outbuilding, built for a unique purpose.

Outbuildings like separate garages, barns, greenhouses, and barndominium guest houses provide space for storage, privacy, and room for creativity. Whether you’re a family, a business owner, a retired couple, or someone who loves their pastimes and hobbies and wants space to pursue them, outbuildings can expand your resources, free up space in your home, and add immense value to your property.

What Are My Options?

When it comes to outbuildings, the sky’s the limit!

Where does your imagination take you when you think of a useful new building for your property? If you can dream it, SteelCo Buildings can build it.

Here are a few ideas you may want to consider:

Lofted Garage

Get all that extra equipment out of your main garage and into a lofted garage! These structures provide the perfect place to store larger vehicles and equipment, such as boats, vintage vehicles, lawnmowers, four-wheelers, and campers. Put these bigger things on the ground floor, and above, store small to mid-sized items such as seasonal décor and outdoor equipment, bikes, furniture, building materials, and more.


Whether you’re new to keeping livestock, own a few horses or goats, or run your own bustling farm, having a sturdy and attractive barn is essential. Make your structure fit your needs with space for storage or an office, woodshop, porch, etc.


Take your green thumb to the next level with an onsite greenhouse. In the Atlanta area, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh blooms and produce all year long. Experiment with new plants and flowers, and have fresh cooking herbs on-hand whenever you want them!

Guest House

Unable to invite out-of-town guests to stay with you when they visit? Make their stay more fun and comfortable for both you and them by building your own guest house. Even a small structure with space for a bed, bathroom, compact living area, and kitchenette is better than having your guests stay in a hotel. It’s cheaper and far more comfortable. Plus, you’ll be close enough to enjoy each other’s regular company but far enough away to have some space and privacy when you both need it.

Which New Building Would Benefit Your Property?

At SteelCo Buildings, we can help enhance your property and add value to your home with a unique metal building that meets your needs. Since 2001, SteelCo’s construction team has been a leading name in the building of superior steel buildings. We not only design, sell, and construct steel and metal buildings for any purpose or need, but we provide our own general contracting services to carry out these projects — or any new build you have you desire.

Even if your dream outbuilding is not made of steel, we can bring your vision to life. Ours is the number to call.

Contact SteelCo Buildings today to get your free quote and discuss building options with an experienced sales associate. We look forward to hearing from you!


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