Metal Building Statistics: A Rapidly Growing Industry

metal building statistics

In the past, most metal building construction was reserved for some commercial and industrial operations. Yet the market has slowly entered more public, government, and residential use, as we see metal buildings at recreational areas, public parks, home garages, storage sheds and many other uses. The market has experienced rapid growth for several decades, even […]

Advantages of Steel Metal Building Kits

The old stereotype of steel metal building kits being suited only for industrial warehouses no longer holds true. Such kits are now available as retail stores, homes, churches, recreational centers, offices, schools, factories, and nearly any other type you can imagine. They offer numerous advantages. Why Steel? As a material, steel offers many benefits over […]

Steel Buildings: The Eco-Friendly Choice

When it comes to choosing the right construction material for your next project, one of the things to consider is how environmentally friendly the materials are. There are a lot of different materials available in the market but not all of them are great for the environment. One of the best options on the market, […]

Prefabricated Steel Churches: A Quick History & Benefits

It’s often said that the people with whom you worship and not the structure in which prayer occurs that is your church, synagogue or temple. Yet a shared worship center that is the right size for your congregation and its many activities makes gathering together easier. When planning a new worship center, consider customizable prefabricated steel […]

Reasons to Construct Agricultural Buildings of Metal

When the time comes to construct an agricultural building, you’ll need something dependable, weather-resistant, durable and strong. Low-maintenance structures are best, because this gives you more time to focus on the care of your property. The type of material you choose for your outdoor structure will have a big impact on its functionality. Whether it’s […]

Steel Metal Buildings For Many Different Purposes

Buildings constructed from steel or other metals have an incredible amount of flexibility, versatility, durability, and value. These buildings last for decades, require very little maintenance. Although many people automatically associate these buildings with agriculture use or as warehouses, a steel or metal building can actually be used for a large variety of purposes, and […]

Great Metal Buildings of the World

Most people associate metal buildings with agricultural and industrial usages such as barns and warehouses, and although it’s true that buildings made of steel and other metals are very well-suited for these specific purposes, metal buildings are also found in some of the world’s most sophisticated cityscapes. Following are just six of the many fabulous […]

Why You Should Choose a Steel Building

When you need a durable and functional structure erected quickly, you have many options for materials and methods. One of your best choices is to select a steel building. Read on to learn why steel buildings are your best option. Benefits of Steel Buildings We cover the many reasons why you would want to choose […]

SteelCo Buildings Announced as Covington Fuzz Run Diamond Sponsor

We are excited to share with you that the Covington Fuzz Run Committee announced SteelCo Buildings, Inc. as the first sponsor of the year and the first ever “Diamond sponsor”. SteelCo was welcomed and honored as a supporter on January 18, 2018 in front of the Covington Police Department. “We are honored to sponsor and […]

SteelCo Team Member Graduates from the Leadership Newton County Program

The Leadership Newton County Program is a program designed to identify and prepare diverse leadership in the county who can address the critical needs of the community and can develop relationships with other leaders in the community to work together on projects that benefit the county and its residents. Training includes learning more about the […]

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