SteelCo Team Member Graduates from the Leadership Newton County Program

The Leadership Newton County Program is a program designed to identify and prepare diverse leadership in the county who can address the critical needs of the community and can develop relationships with other leaders in the community to work together on projects that benefit the county and its residents. Training includes learning more about the educational, economic, cultural, and governmental needs of the community, as well as the rich history of the community itself.

SteelCo. is proud to announce the graduation of team member Jay Bailey from the Leadership Newton County Program in 2018. We are excited to see Jay become a more integral part of the community we know and love, and are looking forward to the expertise, passion, and dedication he can bring to the table along with other excellent leaders in Newton County.

Well Informed Citizens Make the Best Leaders

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A significant part of the Leadership Newton County Program is based on the idea that “well informed citizens make the best leaders”. During the program, potential leaders are exposed to multiple aspects of Newton County and its municipalities, many of which are new to leaders. The program not only encourages potential leaders to engage in community affairs, but also learn more about the unique features of the Newton County community itself. This foundation is necessary for becoming a leader that can make a difference in the county.

About the Program

The Leadership Newton County Program lasts from August to May, with key dates in each month that are dedicated to learning more about the community and how to assume a leadership role within it. For example, the program schedule includes an orientation, a retreat, and days devoted to local government, state government, economic development, education, public safety, health and human services, and special projects. Participation in each session is mandatory and each applicant needs to have the full support of the business or organization they are representing.

At SteelCo, we were proud to support Jay Bailey through his year of leadership training with Newton County and are thrilled to see him successfully graduate and represent not only SteelCo within Newton County, but to lead within the county itself. SteelCo is dedicated to seeing the community and its residents flourish, and this step is only a small part of that.

For more information about SteelCo. and how we support the local community of Newton County, call 1-866-248-4928.


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