Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Your Steel Building

From aircraft hangars, workshops, and horse arenas to storage buildings, churches, and warehouses – steel buildings are a popular choice for businesses in Georgia and around the U.S. It’s no surprise that the construction industry is seeing an increase in the sale of steel buildings, as they offer a variety of benefits that are attractive to business owners and site managers.

One of the main benefits of owning a steel building is the fact that they are exceptionally low maintenance and do not often require repairs. The well-constructed buildings are durable and easily take the abuse from the outside elements, so with just a little maintenance, your steel building will last for many, many years.

Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your steel building in tip-top shape so it looks as good as possible and functions as well as (or better) than expected.

Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Steel Buildings

  1. Perform Regular Routine Preventative Maintenance – As soon as you move into your new steel building, it is important to begin a regular preventative maintenance routine. Every six months, as well as any time there are any severe storms or weather, construction, or other issues that warrant a check-up. Document any findings such as repairs made or issues to address and be sure to follow up as needed to ensure the integrity of the steel building.
  2. Protect Your Steel Building from Moisture – Water and excessive moisture can be a detriment to your steel building and can even cause damage to the structure/foundation. It is important to move any snow or standing water away from your building when possible to avoid damage. Make sure you install a good drainage system along with gutters, to help direct water away from your structure.
  3. Power Wash for Cleaning – Your steel building needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and the best way to do this is with a low-pressure power washer. Routine cleaning of your steel building gets rid of fungus build-up, dirt, and other stains. Store-bought power washer cleaner, any gentle household cleaning product, or warm water mixed with ammonia works well to clean the surface of your steel building.
  4. Make Immediate Repairs – Once you notice scratches, peeling paint, or even a tiny hole in the wall of your steel building, it is imperative that the repair is made immediately. Repairs made quickly can reduce the chance of heat and water exposure, which can quickly compromise the surface of the steel building.
  5. Insulate Well – Insulation is the perfect solution to assist in maintaining the temperature in your steel building. Keeping a consistent temperature will help alleviate the build-up of condensation which will in turn prevent moisture that can cause rust to form on the steel.

Steelco Buildings – The Best in The Business

Steelco Buildings has been proudly serving customers in Georgia and around the U.S. since 2001. We are known throughout the steel building industry for our superior buildings and we are confident you will be thrilled with the quality and service you receive when you work with us.   

At Steelco Buildings, our superior steel buildings are low maintenance and built to last – making them the perfect, affordable, solution for your growing business.


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